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Miami Home Renovations Recover High Percentage Of Cost – Local Experts JMK Contractor Can Assist

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JMK Contractor is poised to be the local expert in a market requiring increasingly impactful home renovations. According to the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs Value Report, residential remodeling projects in Miami stand to recoup anywhere from 53% to 115% of the cost, depending on the type of remodel completed. As a devoted Miami general contractor,… Read more »

El Paso Home Water Filtration Experts Garcia Water Care Reveals Things to Consider Before Getting a Water Softener

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When it comes to quality of life in El Paso, Texas, many people consider having a home water filtration system/water softener a must. If not the water can be very difficult to enjoy and hard on the skin. In that spirit, El Paso Water Filtration and Water Softener leader Garcia Water Care recently published an… Read more »

The Mineral Showerhead Launches Online Store Offering Premium Quality Mineral Showerheads & Mineral Refills

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When it comes to in demand home products, there’s no doubt that mineral showerheads are one of the most popular. What shoppers need to be aware of is all mineral showerheads are certainly not created equal. The good news is the new online store, The Mineral Showerhead, recently celebrated their grand opening with a laser-like… Read more »