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Saitech Inc is approved fulfillment partner under HP Inc OMNIA Co-operative

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Congratulations to Saitech Inc.’s for its approval in the Indirect Fulfillment Program for HP Inc Region 4 ESC/OMNIA Partners Contract. Under this Co-operative Agreement Saitech Inc can leverage pre-competed pricing for HP Inc’s Technology Solutions, Products and Services. This would meet our public sector client’s regulatory procurement requirements and offer them tremendous cost and time… Read more »

Saitech Inc is ServiceNow approved & authorized business partner

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ServiceNow’s powerful yet simple cloud platform has the advanced capacity and infrastructure necessary to integrate IT strategy, design, transition, and operation. By centralizing records for all IT processes and supporting the development of unique applications to meet a variety of needs, this platform enables increased efficiency and productivity for all types of business users. Government organizations… Read more »

Saitech Inc offering GPU’s for Deep & Machine Learning

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Saitech Inc is an authorized partner Reseller for NVidia GPU’s enhancing Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence projects. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence function that provides the system with the ability to learn from data without being programmed explicitly. Machine learning is basically a mathematical and probabilistic model which requires tons of computations. It… Read more »