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PROSPER Show Announces 2018 Internet Marketing Event

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The PROSPER Show is pleased to announce its continuing education conference for established Amazon Sellers, March 13-14, 2018, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas. Aimed to support online sellers seeking to improve their business on Amazon, this conference features several ex-Amazon leaders and uses a workshop and seminar approach to help Amazon… Read more »

PROSPER Show to Support Amazon Sellers Protecting Themselves Against Counterfeit Products

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While counterfeiters always seem to find ways to circumvent protective measures, Amazon is taking steps in the right direction to protect legitimate sellers. The PROSPER Show supports Amazon’s efforts to stop counterfeiting in the marketplace by bringing industry leaders together in a concerted effort to educate sellers on how to protect and grow the brand…. Read more »

PROSPER Show Embraces Amazon Releasing New Transparency Program to Reduce Counterfeit Product

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About a month ago, without much fanfare, Amazon released a new program called “Transparency” that Amazon Sellers sing about as being wildly overdue. Transparency is a systematic approach to minimizing counterfeit product being sold on Amazon. The program started as an in-house effort to protect Amazon’s own brands and is now being rolled out to… Read more »