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Everything is on fire: Charming App Mindfulness besieged by Forces of Darkness

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“It’s fine.” According to Kevin Afanasiff, lead developer at Charming Ape, creator of Charming App Mindfulness. But is it really? Internal sources suggest otherwise… After what seemed like a promising launch, things have taken a dramatic turn for the worse for the new mindfulness app: “Everything broke last week,” according to an internal source. “Our… Read more »

Charming App Mindfulness gets 33% boost in downloads with new Google Play icon

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Available now on Google Play and the App Store, Charming App Mindfulness is a lifestyle app that helps people with their mindfulness practice and meditation. The app includes tools for mindful breathing, positive affirmations, and memory exercises. Throughout the month of November this year, Charming Ape (the developer of Charming App Mindfulness) ran an A/B… Read more »