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MYO Launches The First Ever Modular Cat Tree

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Make Your Own (MYO) Cat Tree is a concept introduced into the market of pet furniture for the first time ever. The idea behind it is to imagine each component of the MYO cat tree as a lego building block. Each section of the tree is replaceable, addable, and removable. MYO cat tree makes it… Read more »

Armitage Animal Clinic, a 2022 ThreeBestRated® award-winning Veterinary Clinic from Newmarket, Ontario, shares the signs of Dermatological Issues in Pets

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From all the viral videos of dogs and cats to some heart-touching stories about pets and their parents, all this love and craze shows how much we love our fellow furry family members. And just like with any other member, we must take complete care of our beloved four-legged family member. Be it their diet,… Read more »

Dharma Dog Services, a 5-times ThreeBestRated® award-winning Pet Groomer from Vancouver, shares the Benefits of Professional Grooming for Dogs

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Similar to us humans, dogs are social animals inherently habituated to living in ‘packs. Your furry friend is an equally significant member of your family(like any other). Therefore, it is up to you to look after certain things like cleanliness concerning his and the whole family’s well-being. Why does your pet need grooming? If you’re… Read more »