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The Plant-Barked Story: A Tribute To Our Beloved Sookie

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If you love dogs as much as we do, then you already know that nutrition is key to a healthy life. Just like people, dogs thrive on wholesome diets, but diet alone isn’t always enough to guarantee a long, healthy life. Our American Bulldog, Sookie, was just eight years old when she was diagnosed with bone… Read more »

smileSPRAY Saves Pets Teeth – New Product Launch from Green Dog Dental

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Green Dog Dental & Wellness, a Los Angeles based veterinarian service and leader in dental services for pets, has launched a line of pet related products developed by the founder of Green Dog Dental & Wellness, Dr. Ren Garcia. The company’s dental care product, smileSPRAY, is the first in a series of all natural products… Read more »

Plant Barked – The Organic Doggy Treat Even Humans Will Want to Eat

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Let’s face it: most dogs will eat anything. They wolf down their kibble with gusto. They’ll steal the pizza right off your plate. And if they play outside often, there’s no telling what kind of trash or treasures they’ve enjoyed. But just because they seem to love all things food doesn’t mean that all food… Read more »