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SFA & SFM CEOs Weigh In on Coronavirus Impact to the $25 Billion Youth Sports Marketplace

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Parks and recreation, little league, travel sports, fitness facilities, and tournament venues play a vital role in community health outcomes, social outcomes, tourism, and our economy. According to Evergreen Research, the youth sports marketplace is a $25B economy.  Additionally, the Aspen Institute Project Play has highlighted the important role that sports play in health and… Read more »

Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA) Confirms The Youth Sports Industry is Producing A Real Estate Development Boom

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Due to the meteoric rise in popularity of youth travel sports, traditional parks and recreation agencies alone often cannot fulfill the demand in most communities. This service gap has spurred massive investments by private sector developers and pubic private partnerships in the form of real estate and facility development.  As of 2019, the youth and… Read more »

Panama City Beach Sports Complex Helps to Revitalize Community with Highly Anticipated Grand Opening

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Days before the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Michael’s devastating landfall, the community of Panama City Beach celebrated the grand opening of the Panama City Beach Sports (PCB) Complex.  The 160-acre project suffered early challenges in construction following the Category 5 hurricane in 2018, but thanks to the hard work of the construction and Sports Facilities… Read more »