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Somewhere Good Raises $3.75 Million to Reimagine Digital Connection

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Somewhere Good, a social platform centered around identity and community, raised a $3.75 million seed round of funding led by Silicon Valley venture capital firm True Ventures in late 2020. Founded by Naj Austin, Somewhere Good intends to displace archaic social media norms by offering a new experience centering group interaction over a traditional “individual-first”… Read more »

Mango Animate to Make Text to Video Conversion Easier

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Animated videos are the rage in today’s advertising landscape. Animated text videos are also very popular. They make it easier for viewers to absorb messages than standard text presentations. Text videos are also very helpful for social media users who view videos without the sound on – they can simply read the content of the… Read more »

Should Companies Invest in Social Media? Award-winning Media Consultant Alaattin Cagil

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The Golden Palm award-winning social media specialist and writer Alaattin Çağıl explain what should companies do before they make an investment for digital media. What is the necessary information that companies should know before making an investment for digital media? Nowadays, regardless of sector companies make investments in different kind of areas because of competition…. Read more »