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Egeah Announces Launch Of New COVID-19 Screening App Timed To International Women’s Day

Posted filed under Technology., a new health self-screening application for workplaces to protect employees and visitors against the spread of COVID-19, today announces the female-owned company’s official launch in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2021. As businesses across Canada and the US re-open, Egeah streamlines the COVID-19 symptom screening process for employees entering the workplace with intelligent and… Read more »

Pactera EDGE Launches Intelligent Experience Platforms Practice to Capitalize on Technology Partnerships and Produce Unique, Personalized, AI-powered Digital Experiences

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Pactera EDGE, a leading global digital and technology services solution provider, announced today the launch of their Intelligent Experience Platforms Practice, designed to infuse intelligence across customer experience touchpoints.  The new practice offers clients end-to-end services that optimize the user experience, craft powerful content, and accelerate growth – all powered by advanced human-centric algorithms. With… Read more »

AATI Completes Successful BVLOS UAS Pipeline Patrol Operation in the San Joaquin Valley for NASA

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American Aerospace Technology Inc’s AiRanger™ (formerly the Resolute Eagle) unmanned aircraft system (UAS/drone) successfully completed a demonstration flight on February 25 as part of NASA’s Systems Integration and Operationalization (SIO) activities. The objective of the AiRanger demonstration was to tackle key challenges to enable routine commercial UAS operations in the National Air System (NAS), including… Read more »

Mango Animate CM Creates Natural Skeletal Animations

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Mango Animate’s skeletal animation maker contains a large number of animated characters. And most users can find a pre-made character representing their jobs and all the characters are boned so users can easily rig them. Meanwhile, this software also has a huge motion library that includes facial expressions and body movements such as blinking, walking, running, and so on. If… Read more »

CompulabsCloud (TM) Announces Formation of Advisory Board

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CompulabsCloud (TM), the early-stage startup innovators behind a new cloud computing solution, is announcing the formulation of its strategic advisory board. The Board will serve to provide direction and guidance as CompulabsCloud (TM) experiences growth and defines its operating structure to optimally serve organizations. CompulabsCloud (TM)’s CEO and Co-Founder, Howie Rattliff, says the team is… Read more »