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Living Well 4 Life Foundation to Host “Space for Her” Women’s Conference in Bridgeton, NJ from July 15-17, 2022

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The last year has been a rough one for many women, filled with unexpected changes, added responsibilities, health concerns, job instability, and much more. Fortunately, the power to network and help each other survive, rise, and shine is something that is quite the priority for some very driven organizations. One of the forces leading the… Read more »

Black Woman-Owned Women’s Sanitizing Napkin From The-O’Dora Launches

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Ladies! Time To Stop Toxic Shock Syndrome And Adore Your Healthy Period With Grace. Miss. Arlene’s launches an all-natural sanitary napkin line, The-O’Dora to cater to women who suffer from Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). This black-owned brand was created by a woman who suffers severe sensitivity to the chemicals in major label sanitary products for… Read more »

Where Passion Meets Purpose: The HOTS Community Presents The Future of Women Leadership Conference Come June 18

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It is no secret that women in a professional landscape face unique hurdles and challenges while climbing the proverbial ladder to further their careers. From bias to stereotypes, family obligations, and everything in between; women in business are met with complex hurdles that most men will never experience in correlation to their careers. These challenges… Read more »