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Posted filed under Women. a FREE email system and Auction for Breast Cancer Patients and Supporters just like yahoo mail, gmail and ebay will be launching it’s version of AOL “You Got Mail” remember when ever your computer would notify you from AOL that “You Have Mail ” with a voice…..????? Well now Free email system for… Read more »

Premium Domain Name,, For Sale

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Marian Thompson established in 2002 as a sister site to her Be Here Soon business. Meant to be targeted wholesalers, Thompson has spent the past several years building the site’s presence. “As Be Here Soon has grown and expanded, I’ve had less and less time to focus on Maternity Gift Store,” said Thompson. “I… Read more »

Kotex LUXE Launches World’s 1st Ultrathin Design Pads

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“Colour and design have and will always play irreplaceable roles in a woman’s life, perhaps even more so as she steps into adulthood and finds her place in the world. From make-up to fashion and lifestyle possessions, her choice of hues, contours and patterns is an expression of her character, personality and emotion,” said Casline… Read more »