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New Holistic Wellness Program Moment Menopause Care Offers Women Support as They Navigate Challenges of Menopause

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For women navigating menopause, the challenges can be numerous as they learn to adjust to a variety of emotional and physical changes. A new holistic wellness program focused on supporting women as they traverse their unique menopause journeys is launching on June 21, offering women living in California appointments with health guides and doctors specializing… Read more »

Meet Hilary Bee, The Millennial Astrologer Helping High-Achieving Women Win The Battle Against Imposter Syndrome

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Some freedom fighters give their lives for their cause; others, to their cause. In the second group we find Hilary Bee. Her cause is simple: empower high-achieving women to graduate from imposter syndrome, forever.  Hilary Bee is the founder of ASTROLOBEE LLC, and a millennial astrology coach helping high-achieving women break free from imposter syndrome,… Read more »