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Vaginas Rejoice: Yarlap® Kegel Device Improves Sexual Performance & Expression

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The Yarlap® is a clinically-proven, FDA-cleared device that tones and re-educates the muscles of a woman’s pelvic floor to treat female urinary incontinence and to maintain urinary control in women. Relevium Labs, Inc. can now announce two new benefits to its Yarlap system: 1. The Yarlap® improves sexual performance through muscle control 2. The Yarlap®… Read more »

JustUS®, CEO Stacy Snapp-Killian Will Receive Mentorship Award At 10th Annual Women That Soar Award

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Gina Grant, founder, CEO and creator of the Women That Soar Awards, announced that STACY SNAPP- KILLIAN, CEO of JUSTUS®, an American multi-media company, designed to promote the business formation of other successful survivors of sexual abuse, will be honored with the Mentorship Award at the 2017 Women That Soar Awards Show on Saturday, October… Read more »

Bully Free Beautiful Me 2017 Anti-Bully Conference and Bully Buster Awards Ceremony

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The Bully Free Beautiful Me ® is back for it’s 2nd annual Anti-Bullying Conference and Awards Ceremony. Bully Free Beautiful Me ® is purposed after the vision of Empowerment Essence. Saving and empowering the lives of our youth through education, motivation, support, LOVE and opportunity.  Thus reducing the bullying rates and suicide rates among our… Read more »