Cesar Quintero Releases Blueprint to Building A Business and Life by Design with Purpose and Profit Entitled, “The Profit Recipe”

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San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) March 8th, 2022

It launched as the hottest new release on Amazon across Business Teams, Business Decision-Making, Small Business and Starting a Business (as well as #1 bestseller in the former two categories). It’s now lauded, with continued applause, as the definitive blueprint to running a business with purpose while building it by design. It’s serial entrepreneur Cesar Quintero’s debut The Profit Recipe — and, for entrepreneurs looking to empower themselves as leaders both in and out the office — it is the new, must-have, practical guide in learning how to live the life most people want, with purpose and with profit.

The far-reaching power and potential of entrepreneurship to change the world is immense — yet it’s contingent on leaders having the freedom to focus on what they love and excel at; or, in other words, on leaders knowing their purpose and, implementing it, changing the world one company at a time. This is where Cesar Quintero, his purpose, and The Profit Recipe come in: as essential keys to unlocking the entrepreneurship flywheel. A serial entrepreneur since the age of 24, and with outtakes from his own journey, Cesar Quintero has identified the patterns, problems, and pitfalls for entrepreneurs, from start-up to scaling to selling. And, since 2014, in sharing the tools and concepts to overcome common obstacles, he has provided thousands of entrepreneurs and organizations with a sure-fire short-cut to leading and winning big — in business and life. His recipe? Knowing oneself, uncovering purpose, and implementing it in business so as to live the ideal life.

“When entrepreneurs take a better approach, there’s little fakery involved,” says Cesar. “We need to make an honest effort to acknowledge our weaknesses while believing in our strengths — and behaving like a leader until it comes naturally.” He adds, “My ‘Why’ is to empower leaders so that they live life by design with growth and freedom. I do this by sharing the tools and concepts that helped me grow and sell my business to live a purposeful life.”

In straightforward, highly-applicable chapters that detail the five stages of the E-volution Flywheel — building a start-up by design, leading by design, building a team by design, running a business by design, and life by design — The Profit Recipe shares how to fast-track the future, grow the bottom line and move towards the life most want to live. It highlights the ingredients required to get to the place where, leaders are working on instead of in their business; and, in having defined it, transforming their purpose into a reality that runs throughout their company to build momentum, to drive revenue and to transform it, its stakeholders, and even the world.

With pragmatic and real-world how-tos, The Profit Recipe is a guidebook to help entrepreneurs to become a better and authentic leader; to build a healthy, motivated and trusting team; to uncover their purpose; and to build a business that can grow and thrive without relentless micro-management. The end result? Life by Design or, as Quintero puts it, “the life we want to lead, doing things we love with the people we love.”

Whether readers are a brand-new founder or a seasoned entrepreneur, if they’re on a mission to change their life, the world, and their business, The Profit Recipe will help them build their business and design their life, with purpose and profit. Yes, it’s possible — and Quintero shows how.

Order a copy today on Amazon.com.

Learn more about Cesar and The Profit Recipe at www.theprofitrecipe.com


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