Commsignia paves way for future industry– education cooperation with BME in V2X automotive research

Industry: Automotive

Making a leap toward fully autonomous self-driving cars, Commsignia takes the initiative and forms Europe’s first V2X industry-education collaboration.

Budapest, Hungary (PRUnderground) June 6th, 2016

Making a leap toward fully autonomous self-driving cars, Commsignia takes the initiative and forms Europe’s first V2X industry-education collaboration – the Commsignia-BME HIT Automotive Communications Research Group at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Networked Systems and Services (BME HIT). In order to attract future generations of engineers to this booming sector of the automotive industry, Commsignia supplies BME with a fully equipped V2X research lab. With this joint partnership, students and faculty members alike will have the opportunity to partake in the research involving cooperative automotive technologies.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (jointly Vehicle-to-Everything or V2X) communication technologies have gained significant momentum as part of the automotive industry’s answers to the rising number of traffic accidents. This prominent branch of automotive research promises life saving features and an increased efficiency of traffic networks leading to reduced environmental impact and economic benefits. By partnering with BME, Commsignia brings this inspiring new technology closer to future generations of engineers.

“Since the founding of Commsignia, our faith in the power of innovation drove us forward to a leading position in the connected vehicles industry. We now hope to aid the automotive community by bringing awareness to this exciting field of research,” said András Takács, head of R&D at Commsignia. “We believe the younger generations of talented individuals will be the driving force of our future, which is why we place a particular emphasis on supporting education and research.”

As part of this partnership, Commsignia supplies the University with both the essential automotive hardware and state-of-the-art V2X software components and development kits to ease the next generation of engineers into the field of vehicular communication. Dedicated engineers from Commsignia assisted in setting up the research lab and continue to provide support with the training. This ensures that students and professors have access to the best equipment and latest advances in the field of cooperative automotive technologies.

“Automotive communications is a rapidly expanding field of study. One that is quickly becoming a key part of our everyday lives. This dedicated partnership and research group lays the groundwork for a world class communications research and education program involving the automotive industry” said László Bokor Ph.D., a professor at the University and head of the Commsignia-BME HIT Automotive Communications Research Group.


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