Consensus Meets Demand for Automated Sales Demos with New Chief Revenue Officer

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Consensus helps companies build interactive video demos that make presales teams more efficient and effective. To meet the growing demand for their intelligent demo automation platform, Consensus is consolidating their revenue functions under new CRO, Rex Galbraith.

Provo, UT (PRUnderground) October 7th, 2022

Consensus, the premiere platform for intelligent demo automation, is pleased to announce Rex Galbraith is their Chief Revenue Officer. Galbraith is a long-time team member at Consensus and plans to use his robust sales experience and expertise to guide Consensus’ revenue functions as they continue to lead out in technical sales.

“The nearly seven years I have spent at Consensus have been the highlight of my business career,” said Galbraith. “We win the right way. We don’t cut corners. Consensus is special to me because while I’ve grown so much as a business professional, I have grown more as a person. Our team truly cares about each other inside and outside of work. Our friendships and business relationships are authentic. I’m honored to lead this incredibly talented team to deliver the best presales software, insights, and events.”

Prior to joining Consensus, Galbraith amassed a wealth of sales experience at companies like Global Access, HireVue, and InfoTrax Systems. During his tenure at Consensus, Galbraith proved himself as an adept leader and champion of one of Consensus’ main pillars: buyer enablement.

Garin Hess, the founder and CEO of Utah-based Consensus said, “I’m thrilled that Rex Galbraith is moving from Consensus’ SVP of Sales to Chief Revenue Officer. He has proven himself time and time again. He has always been much more than a VP of Sales and now will have the opportunity to shape our buyers’ experience from end to end.”

Consensus fills a significant need for Sales Engineering (or “Presales”) teams at enterprise software companies. By helping these teams leverage the power of intelligent demo automation, they equip them to get more qualified leads in far less time.

Consensus’ growth has soared in the past several years, and the demand for their unique niche shows no signs of slowing. Review site G2 recently underscored the growing importance of Presales by adding a Presales Software category to their “Best Software and Services” reviews. And an industry analyst report by Aragon Research projected that the Demo Automation market will surge from $1 billion to over $2 billion in less than five years.

Hess said that Galbraith’s role will help Consensus be more streamlined and prepared than ever to meet new demands. “One of our values at Consensus is ‘Total Ownership.’ Putting all revenue generating functions onto one revenue team helps break down barriers, reduce the siloes, and create alignment across Marketing, Sales, Client Success, and Buyer Enablement teams. It allows the revenue team and the CRO to more easily execute on total ownership.”

Leading companies like SAP, Salesforce, Autodesk, Sage, Oracle, Coupa, and Trintech rely on Consensus’ interactive demo platform to return time to their presales and technical sales teams. Without a solution like Consensus, these teams would be left to customize product demos to fit every different customer. This eats up resources and time, and buyers are lost in the lag time.

Consensus gives buyers exactly what they want, when they want it through easy-to-navigate, interactive video demos. These demos uncover stakeholders automatically and eliminate unqualified demos. The result is up to a 44% reduction in close rates and a sales cycle that is shortened by 29% up to nearly 70%. For more information, visit

About Consensus

Consensus helps companies build interactive video demos that dynamically adapt to the companies’ unique interests. The goal is to solve the largest challenge in B2B sales — facilitating the stakeholders in the buying group with what each of them personally needs to make a fast purchasing decision.

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