Consensus Opens Registration for First All-Presales Conference in Silicon Valley

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Consensus specializes in demo automation for scaling presales and enabling buyers to grow revenue faster. To better instrument presales teams and elevate their function in technical sales, Consensus is hosting a second DEMOFESTx day – a first-of-its-kind in-person Presales conference in Silicon Valley on August 31.

Lehi, UT (PRUnderground) August 25th, 2022

There’s a problem in B2B that doesn’t get enough attention: buyers want better buying experiences that increase the demand for Presales resources, but they rarely get it how, and as fast as, they need it. Much of that comes down to the amount of time Sales Engineers waste on unqualified demos. Consensus solves that problem by equipping Presales with both intelligent Presales automation and robust research and education. Their latest initiative is the first in-person Presales-specific conference known as DEMOFESTx, which is now open for registration.

DEMOFESTx will take place on August 31 from 8 am to 4 pm at the Sheraton in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. It will be geared towards Presales professionals looking to get a seat at the table by having a material impact on revenue, and giving buyers the kinds of on-demand experiences that have become non-negotiable.

While many conferences are geared towards marketers, account executives, and CSMs, DEMOFESTx focuses primarily on Sales Engineers and Solution Consultants. “These teams are often under-optimized or even neglected, so with even a little bit of attention, tools and collaboration, revenue leaders are finding Presales to be the best lever for accelerated growth,” said Aaron Janmohamed, Vice President of Marketing for Consensus.

Consensus gives Presales teams the power and data they need to get better results from each resource, while enabling buyers through guided, interactive product demos.

DEMOFESTx will provide inspiring thought leadership, practical training, and cutting edge research to sales professionals. Participants can register through Consensus’ presales software website. While virtual DEMOFESTx events have been held in the past, the Silicon Valley event will be in-person. Seating is limited and expected to fill quickly.

For more information on DEMOFESTx or to learn more about Consensus’ buyer enablement platform, visit

About Consensus

Consensus helps companies build interactive video demos that dynamically adapt to the companies’ unique interests. The goal is to solve the largest challenge in B2B sales — facilitating the stakeholders in the buying group with what each of them personally needs to make a fast purchasing decision.

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