Cupid Is Cooking Up Love In The Kitchen!

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Cupid’s Kitchen is a new seductive dating show and informative cooking show combing sex appeal and food to unmask the true personalities of the contestants by turning up the heat.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) April 2nd, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — Forget the bedroom. Ever wonder what your date is like…in the kitchen? Cupids Kitchen is a new dating show that pairs couples together in the kitchen, to see if they can stand the heat.

“On the set of Cupid’s Kitchen, true personalities come out the first date, and not the fifth or the sixth,” says Hang Holoyda, the creative mastermind behind Cupid’s Kitchen. Holoyda, an actress, producer, and talk show host, holds a Master’s in Psychology and is a self professed match maker. “You can learn a lot about a person during stressful situations,” says Holodya. “If there is a catastrophe, some people stay and help, some run, and some do a combinations of both. The kitchen is the perfect place to learn the truth about your potential love interest.”

The idea for the show came to Holoyda while preparing dinner parties to play matchmaker for her friends. While Holoyda usually had the food already prepared for her friends, one evening she was running behind and found herself barking orders at her husband. “When stressed, it is really difficult to contain one’s personality,” says Holoyda. “Cooking can be stressful, or it can be sensual. I think the best experience involves a little of both.”

A cross between ‘The Iron Chef’ and ‘The Dating Game’, Cupid’s Kitchen offers delicious recipes to help viewers brush up on their culinary skills in a fun and competitive social setting. Each show involves two contestants competing to win over the main date with their culinary skills and charm by cooking one at a time in front of the date. In the end, the date chooses the winner as their future dating partner. Viewers can find the recipes at the shows website: or

Hosted by Maaika Westen, a host, interviewer, actor and producer living in the San Francisco Bay area, and Scott Rose, an actor, comedian and host living in Los Angeles, the show is gaining popularity as a fun, intimate, and seductive show that really turns up the heat!

“We keep it fun and full of surprises with secret ingredients, exotic dishes, challenging situations, and different themes,” says Holoyda. “We are always coming up with some sort of fun twist, such as a psychologist showing up at the end to analyze contestants and predict the future of the couple, based on their kitchen interactions.”

You just never know what is going to happen in Cupid’s Kitchen, but hopefully it is always a recipe for success!

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