DANO Network Signs Deal with Epidemic Sound

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DANO Network Signs Deal with Epidemic Sound shortly after extending their services to include select music videos.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) September 21st, 2022

DANO Network is a video-on-demand and live TV platform created by filmmakers.  The company was founded in the spirit of independence by the Original Hardcore Entrepreneur.  DANO Network recently signs a deal with Epidemic Sound, a music distribution network that tailors to independent music artists and musicians.  This partnership was forged shortly after DANO Network extended the definition of filmmakers to the music industry in relation to music videos.   As long as the music videos are creative and adhere to the network’s Queens Policy, they will cut and earn a share of commercial revenue.

In the early 2000’s video game systems would play visualizations when the user chose to play music on their systems, the visualizations created a good vibe for the users and their companions.  DANO Network is bringing that user experience to their platform, 4k-12k visualizations will be attached to songs that don’t have music videos.  This arrangement benefits the viewers, independent music artists, and independent visual artists. Here’s an exaample.

We asked the founder Dano Veal why, and he explained  “Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video is a short film, period.  Music videos produced by creative directors are a form of art and should get the same consideration that short films do.  The production costs for mainstream music videos are similar to the production costs of low-budget films.  So, if a production company pays 1 million dollars to produce a mainstream music video, and the video gets a half-billion views on YT in a year, it’ll take two strong years for the production to break even which means it’s considered a flop by Hollywood’s standards.”

We asked Dano Veal why he’s targeting independent artists over commercial artists, and he added, “One of the best feelings in the world is being paid for something you love to do.  The economic system is designed to destroy dreams to support the workforce and I rebuke the old system for that. I’m a film producer and companies like Epidemic Sound are where we get music for use in films.  All of the music you hear in newer movies such as thriller instrumentals and chords are from the kid you used to see walking to school with their violins who grew with their skill to become independent instrumentalists and composers.  I’m doing this for the independent culture. ”

People don’t buy many CDs anymore and most music revenue comes from streams and live events.  Commercialization of music and music videos is a significant resource for advertisers.

Music videos on the leading streaming platforms earn pennies on the dollar while the platform keeps the actual commercial revenue.  On a popular video streaming platform, a creator stated per 1-million views of a monetized family-friendly video the average payout is about $5,000.  An advertiser on the same platform stated it cost them at least $1 per commercial.  Logically this means the leading platforms can rack up 1 million dollars per 1-million views of a video while the people who created the video will only make about $5,000.  The DANO Network, In the same scenario, per 1-million views of a music video, would pay the producer around $600k as long as a commercial is attached to each view.  On the DANO Network content creators and filmmakers keep most of the ad revenue indiscriminately.

The DANO Network is currently available on Google Play, and Roku streaming devices but will soon be released on other platforms such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung SmartTV, and Xbox. This is one novel streaming service you don’t want to miss, so keep an eye out for upcoming releases and updates!

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