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De’ Vora Finds Creative Solutions to Deliver Affordable Pet Products

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Online community pet store De’ Vora is offering a wide-range of products as they compete with big box retailers. While the current situation has made things, more challenging the store continues to exceed expectations.

Pomona, NJ (PRUnderground) April 28th, 2020

This local small business set out to make a difference. With goals of becoming a household name, De’ Vora™ focuses on more than just being a pet store. Sure, they are competing with big box retailers, but they are also beating them with affordable products. They even go as far as price matching. De’ Vora provides quality pet essentials like food, treats, and health & wellness products to communities around the country.

“We will squeeze, bend and twist, but we will not fold,” commented Debra LoFranco, the founder of the company. “We are passionate about the pet world and we are here to sever the community in every way we can.”

With over two years of research and development, De’ Vora was finally on the road to success. They had received funding back in February to start the production of their pet toys and online store. With the investors support and a green light, they were excited to be moving forward.

Ready to launch the business, they had already begun to feel the effects of Covid-19. Components of their products, like their packaging, came from distribution centers that had already been shut down, causing unforeseen delays.

Pressing forward, the company was still optimistic and excited to kick off their “Community Tour,” scheduled to start in May 2020 and tour through September ending at the Super Zoo in Las Vegas, where they planned to showcase and network their new pet company. Unfortunately, most of these events, like the World Pet Expo. at the end of May had been canceled as a result of safety measures worldwide.

Despite the adversity with what seemed like hurdle after hurdle, the founder decided to go ahead and launch the company anyway. The demand for online quality pet products was still there as is De’ Vora’s passion to provide them.

LoFranco continued, “We’ve worked so hard to bring this company to life. I actually couldn’t have thought of a better time to ‘digitally’ open the doors. With everyone being at home it’s a chance to take a look and learn about who we are. The core values of the De’Vora company; kindness, love and community are more than just words on paper, it encompasses everything we do.”

No better time than now for this company to implement what it stands for. Supported by the paycheck protection program, the staff is working from home. De’ Vora is extending this assistance to help customers by offering all pet essentials at cost. Gaining no profits during this time, they hope to make pet supplies even more affordable. The company continues to put the safety as well as needs of pet families, community and employees a number one priority during this unprecedented time. Just another thing that sets them apart!

The early feedback for De’ Vora has been extremely positive across the board.

Stacia from New Jersey, recently said in a five-star review, “It’s such a kind and authentic company.”

Completing the package, De’ Vora even goes one step further, providing daily positive messages, photos and helpful tips for pet parents and enthusiasts on all social media handles. Which is educational and uplifting no matter what is going on in the world, but very much needed right now. This is a company that is redefining your average pet shop.

For more information, be sure to visit and stay part of the conversation on social media @DeVoraCommunity across all of the major platforms.

About De’ Vora

De’ Vora is a modern pet-focused brand committed to providing products and opportunities to foster the relationship between pet owners and their pets. Dedicated to improving the health and wellness of pets, De\’ Vora produces a diverse line of pet products that caters to many needs.

Operating in the USA, De\’ Vora focuses on the environment, health and wellness for pets, as well as the happiness of pet enthusiasts.

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