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The iLocket (online at -- a new cord manager and winding case for active iPod and iPhone users – changing the rules for exercising and working out to music!

Union City, CA (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2010

Joggers who listen to music are in a constant battle with the swaying, flapping earphone cord that bounces with every step. Cyclists have to make sure their earphone cord doesn’t swag and slip around their handlebars. Snowboarders and skiers need to make sure there’s no excess cord to get caught in a zipper or tangle with a jacket cord.

Exercisers and sports enthusiasts of all types are in a seemingly constant battle with their earphone cord. And no matter what the reason, it seems as though everyone has been frustrated by their headphone cord at some point… and iLocket is eliminating that frustration.

With its sleek design, the iLocket is a complete iPhone and iPod cord management system. A winding case for earphones, the iLocket lets users quickly and easily adjust their earphone cord to exactly the right length to fit their activity. It’s earphone cord management made simple… and stylish.

The rowing machine at the gym needs a short cord to keep it out of the way. The iLocket has it covered. The road cyclists needs a medium-length cord to safely store his iPod in his shirt pocket. The iLocket takes care of it. The jog on the treadmill or down Main Street needs a longer cord — but not too long — to allow room to move with each step but eliminate the nuisance caused by excess cord.

“The iLocket was born from a need to effectively and simply manage adjust the length of earphone cords. We wanted something that was small, sleek, stylish, and actually worked… the iLocket accomplishes all that.”

It’s simple to use: Just Open, Wrap, and Snap! The excess cord is stored securely inside the iLocket, keeping it out of the way until it’s needed. Designed specifically for iPhone and iPod earphones, the iLocket earphone winding case will work with most other earphones.

The iLocket will change the way people use their iPod and iPhone, making it easier and more convenient to work out and exercise while listening to music. Runners, cyclists, rowers; pilates, yoga, or weight lifting… the iLocket is the perfect solution.

To find out more about the iLocket Cord Manager — or to buy an iLocket — visit today.

About the iLocket:

The iLocket is available for purchase online at or Priced at $4.19, the iLocket weighs less than 0.2 ounces (6 grams) and measures approximately 6 centimeters. To request a commercial sample for review, please contact us via

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