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Dr. Gregg Jantz Advocates Healthy Nutrition as Part of his Whole-Person Approach to Care

Industry: Health and Nutrition

Seattle, WA (PRUnderground) April 12th, 2019

For decades, Dr. Gregg Jantz has worked with patients from across the globe to uncover the root source of their problems and determine a plan for healing. Pioneering the whole-person approach to care, Dr. Jantz tailors recovery plans for patients, relying on healthy nutrition in addition to other important factors to achieve lasting results.

Dr. Gregg Jantz has helped thousands of patients attain peace and overcome  issues such as depression, chronic stress, eating disorders and more. He’s a world-renowned guest speaker as well as an author of over 30 self-help books and numerous blogs and articles. His work has appeared in some of the most widely-circulated publications such as the Huffington Post and Psychology Today, among others.

His research and practice is centered around whole-person care, which is an approach Dr. Gregg Jantz pioneered after encountering numerous patients who couldn’t find resolution in one-size-fits-all prescription medications. Instead of covering up problems by introducing foreign chemicals, his method examines a range of life factors to discover the root source of patients’ problems and their unique solutions.

He has proven that depression, one of the key focuses of Dr. Jantz’ practice, can be alleviated by helping the body correct nutritional deficiencies, by keeping up healthy sleeping patterns, by limiting calories, and more.

“In a whole-person treatment approach, the entire body is recognized as an important component in depression,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “The whole-person approach accepts the body as a complex organism and looks for systemic reasons for depression.”

Whether we understand it or not, nutrition plays an essential role in our overall well-being and can be a contributing factor to seemingly unlikely issues. The American Medical Association (AMA) has even recommended that adults take a multivitamin supplement each day to correct any slack in our diet.

“Life is stressful, with many demands on time and energy,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “Sometimes nutrition derived from a daily diet is not enough. If you don’t eat nutritious food in the first place, then you’re really operating from a deficit.”

He goes on to mention how overstimulating our bodies by drinking caffeine and eating large amounts of calories can create internal stress that make the everyday external stresses even more damaging. Prescription medications can also compromise the body’s ability to properly break down and use the nutrition we consume. Abusing laxatives, medications, drugs, and alcohol are also tremendous factors to poor nutrition.

Dr. Gregg Jantz is the founder of The Center, A Place of Hope which is a comprehensive treatment center in Washington state helping patients overcome a range of issues through whole-person care.

“We use a variety of specialized nutritional products [at The Center] to help bring people back up to optimum nutritional levels,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “The results in health are very gratifying and are a significant part of our intensive recovery programs for a variety of mental-health and chemical-dependency issues.”

However, Dr. Jantz encourages his audience to first take recovery into their own hands right at home by implementing useful nutrition such as a daily multivitamin or Omega-3 supplements.

“Omega-3s are really good for you, with a whole host of benefits,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz. “A healthier, happier you may be as simple as correcting poor nutrition with dietary supplements like Vitamin D, Omega-3, and magnesium.”

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