Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry First To Publicly State that Zika Virus Could Be Transmitted Sexually

On January 22, 2016, Dr. Mayberry, a Space, Environmental, Food & Nutritional Toxicologist, publicly stated that the Zika virus could be transmitted sexually. On February 2nd, the first sexually transmitted case of Zika virus was confirmed in the United States. Prior to this case, no one other than Dr. Mayberry was warning that this virus could be spread via sexual intercourse.

“I was very concerned when I was first asked to discuss Zika virus that no one else was mentioning that this virus can be transmitted sexually. I considered this a dangerous gap in what was being advised to the general public,” Dr. Mayberry explained. “So when the first case was exposed in Dallas on February 2, 2016, I was not surprised. But I was surprised that it was reported on February 2, 2016 that no one knew that sexual transmission was a possibility – even the station that I reported sexual transmission on – stated that no one knew,” Dr. Mayberry recalls.

Zika is a mosquito transmitted virus, that is, it is a viral toxin that is transmitted via mosquito bite as well as through unprotected sexual contact with a person. The virus is systemic – meaning that is goes throughout the bloodstream of the bitten person. The Zika virus is the only known mosquito (vector) virus that has been transmitted sexually. While documentation of sexually transmitted cases of Zika virus in the United States is rare, it is important that women that are pregnant and those planning or actively trying to get pregnant not only protect themselves topically from mosquitoes (and avoid travel to affected areas), but that they avoid unprotected sex with persons that have Zika Virus and those that may have been exposed to the virus.

Active Zika virus is now being identified in urine and saliva through testing. The potential for spreading this virus through common bodily fluids is now a possibility. Knowing this, more precautions should be taken to clean clothing & linen of those infected with Zika virus. Pregnant moms & mothers should also take extra precautions to avoid saliva (kissing) and other bodily fluid contact with those infected with the Zika virus.

The CDC also said there is a growing body of evidence linking the Zika virus to the microcephaly birth defect.

The World Health Organization on Monday declared a public health emergency over the Zika virus and increased reports of birth defects and a serious neurological condition that could be linked to it.

The mosquito-borne virus has spread to at least 29 countries.

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Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry, aka, The Tox Doc is a Toxicologist that specializes in Space, Environmental, Food & Nutritional Toxicology. She made history as the very first female Space Toxicologist and is a Best Selling Author. She is the owner of NKM Environmental Health Sciences and has worked for NASA since 2004. To learn more about Dr. Noreen Khan Mayberry, visit

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