Engauge Debuts API for Revolutionary Device Monitoring with Analog Gauges

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A leading gaming gauge company rolls out a new API that users can customize to monitor any function on all types of computers and electronic devices.

Orem, UT (PRUnderground) January 31st, 2019

Engauge Gaming Gauges sells physical analog gauges for monitoring computer activity. The USB-powered gauges allow users to keep tabs on their computer’s various functions without interrupting their PC activity. The team at Engauge is proud to unveil their new application programming interface (API) which expands the possibilities of their gauges, letting users monitor an unprecedented range of computer and electronic functions.

Engauge’s analog gauges were developed as PC performance monitors, but with the new API, users can track any electronic device that they can connect to the interface. The new API is free to customers and allows them to add customizable input for any type of activity that they want it to measure in the operations of Windows-compatible computers, electronic devices, Bitcoin miners, and more.

Engauge Gaming Gauges are manufactured by Speedhut, which revolutionized the automotive industry beginning in 1999 when it started creating its state-of-the-art automotive gauges. Millions of gauges later, the company is bringing its expertise and innovation to the realm of computers and other electronic devices.

Aaron Westberg, owner of Engauge, said that the new API throws open the doors for a world of possibilities. “Whether it be a phone, laptop, PC, or some other electronic device, if it is Windows-compatible and can connect to our interface, they can set it up to track whatever aspect of the device’s performance that they want.”

The gauges can monitor device temperature, fan speed, usage, and many other functions, providing users with essential data they need to keep their device running at its best. The sleek and stylish devices complement the look of any machine and keep the operator from having to jump between windows or monitors or use glitchy overlays to see real-time performance.

Westberg said this is an exciting expansion for parent company Speedhut. “When we first started this enterprise two decades ago, our world was automobile speedometers and tachometers. Now people are putting our gauges to work for all kinds of computing devices and getting accurate data at a glance.”

The downloadable API hardware monitor interface is easy to use and is compatible with most programming languages. It is designed to communicate with any Engauge component. For more information about Engauge or its new API, visit www.GamingGauges.com.

About Engauge

Engauge gaming gauges are analog gauges for PCs. Designed to monitor a PC’s system performance, these gauges help bitcoin miners and Windows users monitor CPU usage and temperature as well as fan speed in real time.

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