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EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. Pompano Beach Company Celebrate 30 Years in Business

Industry: Environment

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. moves into its fourth decade as a Florida environmental consulting firm

Pompano Beach, FL (PRUnderground) October 13th, 2017

EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. began in Fort Lauderdale in 1987. Originally, a few friends got together to perform a partnership. When they first started out, they offered Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments.

The friends and partners did that for two years before they began branching out. EPAC Environmental Services, Inc. then offered remedial cleanup, testing, and feasibility studies. This multi-prong approach allowed the company to not only find problems, but fix them. All of these services are closely related, and amplify each other.

Since the company’s founding, they have performed thousands of Phase I assessments. These environmental examinations let property buyers determine if there is contamination on the property. If there is a dangerous substance, EPAC categorizes it and assesses how extensive it is. Property owners and EPAC can then establish the best way forward, in terms of business and regulations.

In addition, the company has obtained a Petroleum Storage System Contractor’s License. This enables the business to install, remove, and maintain diesel fuel storage tanks. These storage tanks allow businesses and medical care facilities to have fuel to power generators. EPAC is located in South Florida, which is vulnerable to hurricanes. When the power gets knocked out, these backups mean buildings can continue to have electricity through generators.

EPAC further expanded. The company became knowledgeable in water quality requirements. They can now provide clients with spill prevention countermeasure and control reports (SPCC), as well as national pollutant discharge and elimination system reports (NPDES).

Stephanie Voris, who is the Head of Business Development, said the following: “Over the years, we have found that clients prefer a single source provider who offers multiple services.” She continued, “By adding to our basis of expertise and keeping up with regulatory changes, we are able to build on the relationships with our clients, meet more of their service needs, and offer more to new clients.”

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