Find Light in the Midst of Your Darkness With Regina Ruiz’s Story

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The author believes success is never giving up no matter how bad things may seem

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) September 23rd, 2021

We’ve all heard of the power of a single candle in the midst of darkness. One bad event after another can make things seem dark and grim, yet one good event can lead to a realization that there is still hope (or always has been). Readers of Journey to Success with Regina Ruiz (now available on Amazon) will find themselves paging through a tale that will teach them what it means to not give up and find a small light of hope in the midst of tough times.

Regina Ruiz is a single mother who has faced many challenges and has overcome many to become who she is today. Helping others is her life’s passion, so training employees to become the best has been the highlight of her career. Her career focus has been on training and quality. With a passion for being a servant leader, she spends her spare time volunteering and donating money to her favorite charities.

Regina came from a very challenging upbringing. Faced with disappointments, her fight was internal — it was about self-love and self-worth. Throughout her experiences, many of which were grim and made her doubt herself, Regina found her purpose after her sister saved her life from a suicide attempt. She realized the many joys in her life would not exist had her life ended.

Regina states, “I survived because there was at least one person here who didn’t want me to die…Today, I have two beautiful adult children and three adorable grandsons. These lives would not be here today if I had succeeded in my suicide attempt. I believe I have touched many lives…by being living proof that there is nothing so bad in your life that it needs to end in suicide.”

The power of love is something that is not always brought up in success stories. For some, if not all of us, love is a driving force to achieving our goals. This can be love that is either given or received.

Journey to Success with Regina Ruiz tells the tale of a woman who, coming from an environment of abuse and a home ruled by an iron fist, felt the power of love from a sibling who saved her life. Regina’s story shows that no matter what they are going through, someone who loves them will always be by their side.

Jeffrey D.B Weber, Photographer and Graphic Design of JWeber Studio, speaks of Regina’s positivity and leadership with these words: “I’ve known Gina for over five years now and am continually impressed by her effective leadership and commitment to success. She believes in positive and effective communication with those around her, including both critical listening and value sharing. Additionally, Gina has a committed resolve to establishing and maintaining partnerships based on mutual respect.”

Business Leader and Korean Linguist/Teacher Chris Pemberton comments on Regina’s courage, grit, and strength: “Gina and I have been business partners for five years now, and I’ve had the opportunity to witness an ongoing transformation that’s been mind-blowing, to say the least…Gina has a very clear vision of the life she wants to build, and the investment she makes in herself on a daily basis is getting her closer to it every day. The grit, determination, and unwillingness to fold in the face of adversity has made Gina one of the most battle-tested business partners I’ve had the honor of working with, and I can’t wait to see her change more lives through the same personal development journey that has changed hers.”

Journey to Success with Regina Ruiz is now for sale on Amazon.

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