First Look: Normal Timepieces New Hibi Collection Watches Launched New Models To Suit Your Nails!

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Tokyo, Japan (PRUnderground) October 9th, 2018

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Normal Timepieces watch company has launched stylish models under the Hibi Collection to Japanese public in collaboration with nail artist Kayo Shimoda.

Black and white shades are not the only colours of life; there is a hidden layer of colour and style in between that deserves to be celebrated. An exquisite hue that casts sophisticated elegance with timeless beauty has been identified with the Nail art philosophy of iconic watch brand, Normal Time Piece. Keeping this in mind, Normal Time Piece has launched the Hibi Collection for confident and stylish women.

Under this range, the slimmest watch has been introduced that suits any nail art you design on your nails, featuring meticulously brushed and polished stainless steel wrapped in vintage-feeling metals and classic leather as well as soft silicone.

The watches feature a remarkable 5.8mm height, 38mm diameter size and three design directions, ranging from casual to sporty with an added sleeve in matte and shiny finish. It also has a polished stainless-steel case and many other subtle features.

Normal Timepieces by Ross McBride“The new Hibi collection embodies our sense of innovation, and simplicity. Its unique split-case configuration and its overall silhouette have been completely streamlined. This is accomplished by setting the crown, and band into its body. In and of itself this is not so uncommon, but to do it in such a thin case is unequalled, and requires very precise construction. The factory we have partnered with to produce this watch is one of the few that can attain this level of quality.” said Design Engineer Ross McBride who created Normal Timepieces as a venue to express his own aesthetic, and thoughts on design.

Normal Timepieces watch company’s new Hibi watch collection is for a group of watch addicts with the passion and constancy of traditional watch craftsmanship and aim to arouse people’s minds about the core function of a watch. While Normal timepieces are not available at retailers as yet, potential customers can purchase Designer Watch at This user friendly website showcases several other options with easy navigations to purchase the best suited watch.

If you are looking for a sense of innovation, and simplicity with streamlined silhouette, and unique precision split-case construction, you should look over their latest collection at

About Normal Timepieces

Ross McBride was born in the Northeastern United States in 1962. He earned his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the California Institute of the Arts, and upon graduation in 1985, moved promptly to Tokyo where he has lived ever since.

In 2006, designer Ross McBride created Normal Timepieces as a venue to express his own aesthetic, and thoughts on design. Raised in the United States, and living his entire adult life in Japan, Ross has been greatly influenced by pioneering mid-century American design, as well as the Japanese sense of minimalism, and craftsmanship.

Ross believes that the products we choose for ourselves, particularly the ones we carry with your brand. Our products are created for those who appreciate such subtlety, and have a quiet confidence in their own design sensibilities.

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