Gold Plating Services Debuts Add-on Kits to Make Electroplating More Accessible

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Supplier of gold plating equipment introduces new kits to allow users to switch between different electroplating methods without the typical costs.

Layton, UT (PRUnderground) October 29th, 2019

For those looking to gold plate jewelry, collector pieces, or furniture hardware, there’s a potential obstacle: sometimes they need to do a type of plating known as brush plating, and other times bath plating is the better solution. Many companies require users to invest in expensive equipment to perform both tasks, but Gold Plating Services has a goal to make electroplating accessible to users of all budgets. As such, they have created revolutionary new “add-on” kits that allow users to do both types of plating without spending a fortune.

Gold Plating Services offers electroplating solutions and equipment to professionals and hobbyists alike. With their easy-to-use, bench top electroplating systems, customers can plate everything from jewelry to car emblems to printed circuit boards. They also carry a full range of chemical electroplating solutions to coat components in gold, copper, nickel, silver, rhodium, and more.

While many companies offer the tools for different types of electroplating, they require customers to purchase costly new equipment for each different method. For example, bath plating allows users to submerge components in a chemical bath charged with an electrical current. The result is a uniform coating of metal to improve appearance, durability, corrosion-resistance, etc. But sometimes, brush plating is required for delicate components or only select areas of a component, forcing users to invest in a high-priced brush-plating kit.

Gold Plating Services solves this dilemma with their signature add-on kits. The Freestyle Bath Plating Kit Add-on attaches to the company’s basic brush plating kit. In contrast, the brush plating add-on is known as the Sidekick and attaches to the company’s bath plating kits. The result is a low-priced, high-quality, convenient option for tackling both types of plating projects.

According to President Rob Darger, this is one of Gold Plating Services’ many offerings dedicated to simplifying the electroplating process.

“People involved in electroplating find it to be a very rewarding combination of science and art,” said Darger. “A lot of people think it’s the domain of professionals only, but it’s also a very fulfilling hobby with endless options for different projects and techniques. We are constantly trying to find ways to open doors so more people can take part in this exciting pursuit.”

While electroplating can seem overwhelming to new users, Gold Plating Services offers a library of YouTube tutorials that walk people of all skill levels through the plating process. They also have a chatbot feature on their site, allowing people to get instant guidance as they tackle new electroplating projects.

“If people have a little counter space and a desire to learn something new, they can get in on this hobby for a modest initial investment and keep learning new things with the help of our user-friendly equipment and website,” said Darger.

To learn more about Gold Plating Services and its affordable add-on kits for both brush and bath plating, visit

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