Gold Plating Services Launches Website Chatbot for Enhanced Customer Service

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Company specializing in electroplating kits and solutions offers speedy turnaround on product inquiries and tech support with new website chatbot.

Layton, UT (PRUnderground) August 14th, 2019

As interest in their gold plating kits grows, Gold Plating Services has added a chatbot feature to their website to provide people with instant answers about products as well as technical support.

Gold Plating Services offers easy-to-use, bench-top electroplating systems for plating everything from jewelry to car emblems to guns to medical instruments. They are purchased by professionals and hobbyists alike. The company also sells electroplating chemical solutions in gold, copper, nickel, palladium, and more.

The new chatbot will allow customers to get answers without having to call in or wait for an email reply.

“Often, people will call with questions when they’re in the middle of a plating project or chomping at the bit to get started,” said Amy Alverson, the company’s Operations Manager. “The chatbot offers real-time replies so that they can get the information they need and finish their project without delays.”

The chatbot also provides instant access for customers from many different time zones.

“Our customers come from far and wide, and they’re plating at all different hours of the day,” said Alverson. “The chatbot extends our customer service around the clock.”

The chatbot can answer questions about Gold Plating Services’ broad range of electroplating solutions and how they differ from the competition’s. It can also offer technical support for operating the full range of plating kits.

Alverson said that the company’s gold plating kits are among the most convenient ones on the market.

“Plating kits can be very big and cumbersome, but ours are simple to transport and can be operated on most any workbench or table,” said Alverson.

The company also makes the kits accessible to users of all skill levels with their YouTube channel. It contains informative videos about plating onto coins, printed circuit boards, fishing lures, guns, automobiles, stainless steel, chrome, and more.

The videos contain step-by-step directions so that even novices can be successful with gold plating.

To learn more about Gold Plating Services or check out their new chatbot feature, visit

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For nearly three decades, Gold Plating Services manufactures top-of-the-line gold solutions and electroplating accessories. Driven by innovation and excellence, this enables businesses and hobbyists to work with state-of-the-art metal plating supplies.

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