Goldn & Top Dog Influencers Launch Massive Social #JoyChallenge To Change Society With A Dog’s Love

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Interactive Challenge Invites Millions of Social Media Users to Share Stories About How Their Dogs Bring Them Joy

New York, NY (PRUnderground) January 27th, 2020

Goldn, a new wellness platform that delivers a happiness routine specially curated for dog owners and their dogs to help them live more joyfully with their dogs, announced today the launch of their Joy Challenge on social media to tens of millions of users in partnership with leading dog social media stars: @amazinggraciedoodle, @charlie_theblackshepherd, @cocothemaltesedog, @eggnogthebulldog, @goldenloutriever, @goldens_glee, @kingbentleythebulldog, @lifeofsterlingnewton, @mayathedox,  @themgoldenboys, and @2husketeers.

The goal of the Joy Challenge is to showcase the extraordinary bond between dogs and their “pawrents” and how that powerful relationship can transform the world by making us all more joyful and connected.

To launch the Joy Challenge, Goldn is, in partnership with these influencers, launching a massive social media campaign with video content highlighting the power of dogs to bring out the best in humanity and showing how dogs can be an antidote to major issues plaguing society.

The video encourages viewers to sign-up for the Joy Challenge at and submit their own story of how their dog makes them more joyful. To encourage people to join the movement to transform the world through joy, participants will be entered to win prizes ranging from monetary sums to a vacation away with your dog at a pet friendly hotel.

“The Joy Challenge encourages dog owners to join our happiness revolution,” explains Jared Kasner, co-founder of Goldn. “In a society increasingly mired in stress and negativity, dogs can help us live happier, fuller lives, and transform society to help people become their best selves.”

The Joy Challenge is powered by a recent survey conducted by Goldn showing that the mere presence of a dog makes people kinder and more empathetic to others – even when it comes to politics:

According to the survey:

  • 87% say that they have shared values with a dog owner and can relate despite differing political views

  • 70% of dog owners say they will give a homeless person with a dog money or food

  • 40% will engage with a stranger if that stranger has a dog with them

  • Survey press release here

To participate in the Joy Challenge campaign, dog owners can visit and share how their dog makes them joyful.

“This team of influencers came together to help dog owners unleash the most positive aspects of being a dog pawrent,” says Jennifer Kasner, the other founder of Goldn.  “It’s time to start normalizing kindness; by leveraging the opportunities our dogs give us to practice this every day we can transform the way we live.”

To learn more about the Joy Challenge, visit: on January 27th.

To learn more about Goldn and sign-up for the free service visit:

About Goldn

Goldn is a happiness routine delivered via text message and email that provides dog owners with mindfulness challenges, wellness advice, training tips and fun activities to help them live their best life with their dog. Goldn was founded by Jared and Jennifer Kasner, the parents of Glee the Golden Retriever whose social media brand has over 325,000 followers.

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