Gears Up for Vaccination & Antibiotics Conference in Canada

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Cutting edge health information site that provides balanced perspectives on controversial topics prepares for upcoming conference on vaccines and antibiotics.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) October 14th, 2019 is an innovative new health information portal that explores both sides of current medical debates so that readers can make wise decisions regarding their health. As part of their commitment to keep people informed, the Healthy Lifestyle team is preparing for the 37 th Vaccination, Immunization and Antibiotics Conference coming up this month in Vancouver, Canada. helps readers answer important questions about their health, such as which type of health insurance policy is right for me? Am I paying too much for health insurance? Should I have my child get the new HPV vaccine? And what alternative therapies are available for cancer treatment? Readers can count on the website for insights on even the most controversial issues, such as legal cannabis, the efficacy of essential oils, and the arguments for and against various health considerations.

The Healthy Lifestyle team looks to conventions around the world to get information on health-related topics. Dave Cutter, Healthy Lifestyle Co-Founder, said that the upcoming Vaccination, Immunization and Antibiotics conference will help his team deliver balanced insights on these hot-button issues.

“There are a lot of questions right now about what medical solutions children should be exposed to, as well as the challenges surrounding superbugs and over-prescribing of antibiotics,” said Cutter. “We’ll be informing our readers based on the newest research coming out of this conference.”

The conference will provide two days of keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and exhibits. Topics will include the latest vaccine research, obstacles to vaccination, plant-based vaccines, and antibiotic resistance. Attendees will include physicians, scientists, researchers, and business leaders.

Cutter said that his team is eager to hear the latest scientific-based findings on these topics so that they can cut through the spin and “fake news” that accompany a lot of health-related headlines.

“Our website tells it to people straight without an agenda or sensationalism,” said Cutter. “Staying informed equips us to present multiple points of view in the context of real-life scenarios, and we don’t shy away from the taboo issues.”

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