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Helping Families Fight Inflation: Common Cents Mom is Helping Thousands Access Free Food Through Rewards Programs

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Amid the current economic climate, Common Cents Mom is becoming a leading resource to help the average American family save money

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) August 2nd, 2022

It goes without saying that the United States sits amid an ever-rising economic crisis. Inflation is skyrocketing prices at the pump, the grocery store, and everywhere in between, throwing millions of families into financial hardship. However, one dedicated mom is on a mission to bridge the gap and help everyday families fight inflation by identifying the top resources for saving money in 2022.

Common Cents Mom is a personal finance resource website reaching over 2 million readers each year in the US, providing tips to save more and spend smarter. As the cost of groceries continues to rise, Katie Ren (a.k.a. Common Cents Mom) is breaking down the Restaurant Rewards Programs that send users free food just for signing up.

From common chain restaurants to bakeries, steakhouses, ice cream shops, coffee shops and everything in between, Common Cents Mom has outlined the top 69 restaurants that will offer free food items for the simple task of signing up for rewards.

While a food item may not seem like it would make a large difference, like anything else — it adds up quickly. For busy families with many mouths to feed, these small perks have a large impact on the monthly food budget, reducing the anxiety of rising food costs.

In her thorough breakdown, Common Cents Mom outlines which restaurants offer these perks, what the free items are, and what exactly consumers have to do to redeem them. Millions of everyday restaurant goers are unaware of these free food benefits, and end up overpaying for their meal at some of the most common establishments across the country. Common Cents Mom is committed to bridging the gap between education and accessibility to become a helping hand in times of financial crisis.

“Finding free food can be difficult and few people know about the many restaurant reward programs out there. We are glad to see the great interest this article is getting and the many testimonies of people getting through the week thanks to these tips!”

Through proof of concept, dedication to community, and unwavering commitment to helping others, Katie Ren’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the Common Cents Mom.

To learn more about Common Cents Mom and these food programs, please visit:

About Common Cents Mom

Common Cents Mom is a modern money wellness magazine created for curious consumers. Founded in 2009 by Katie Ren, the Common Cents Mom breaks down life’s complex money and shopping questions into simple step-by-step guides. What began as a platform to share Katie’s journey to getting out of debt, has rapidly grown into a massive community with over 200K subscribers of like-minded people dedicated to simplifying finances for families across the nation. Driven by a passion for educating others on spending and saving habits, Katie continues to expand the resources available on Common Cents Mom to bridge the gap between financial literacy and accessibility for the everyday consumer.

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