Henry Higgins of Hip Hop Angelo Ellerbee Redefines Artist Development

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With a new focus on building emotional maturity in a business designed to consume artists, it would appear, Ellerbee's Artist Development is a rare option to find.

Newark, NJ (PRUnderground) August 10th, 2018

Touted as the Henry Higgins of Hip Hop, PR legend Angelo Ellerbee has made an indelible mark on the landscape of entertainment. His Artist Development program has been an invaluable resource to industry newcomers providing them with instruction and information in areas of Etiquette, Media Training, Image Control, Industry Terminology, Financial management, and now emotional and mental support. This latter category comes as the industry he has worked in for 47 years faces a developmental crisis. Ellerbee states his dismay artists like Kanye and Demi Lovato making headlines from mental health challenges and addictions, and other artists losing their lives to drug overdoses.

What Ellerbee seeks to do both with his new book “The Sense of Success” and his longstanding PR firm DoubleXXposure Media is addressing those issues early on during the development of the artist. With a new focus on building emotional maturity in a business designed to consume artists, it would appear, this is Artist Development 2.0—which is a rare option to find. The industry stopped training talent or preparing them in the Berry Gordy fashion until men like Angelo Ellerbee made it a fixture working with notable alumnae like Mary Blige, Alicia Keys, and others. He has also served a long list of luminaries from Dionne Warwick to DMX, Mtume, Lionel Richie, and Michael Jackson to name a few.

As a personality in both PR and the media at large, Ellerbee’s fascinating life and the talent he has guided have been the subject of many mainstream publications. Both 20thCentury Fox and Simon & Schuster bid for the rights to his illustrious life story. As a spokesperson for the disadvantaged in his community, he lectures and presents riveting workshops that reach youth who attest to his motivational influence.

As an author, his bestselling, Ask Angelo (Amazon/B&N) and now his sophomore submission “The Sense of Success” both offer soul-stirring and inspiration guidance that directly uplifts and those dealing with emotional, mental and even professional crisis.    A quick and portable guide to daily maneuverings; a pocket-sized guru made just for YOU. As a publicity guru, Ellerbee has refused to confine his talents solely to the context of entertainment, but has included many corporate clients such as ASCAP, The Goodwill Games, MIT (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation), Al Sharpton (activist/politician), and Mathew Knowles (music executive/entrepreneur), among others.

A connoisseur of sophistication and style, it is Ellerbee’s extensive experience and expertise that gives him his keen sense of success. His signature collection of aromatic candles bridges ambiance and atmosphere for the sensory stimulation that only makes the read of his book that much more absorbing. From Ellerbee’s lifetime of igniting talent, sparking new ideas, and fanning the flames of success for others, he continues to inspire. His  books and candles are available on the website at ellerbeeelegance.com and more on him at DXXNYC.com

About Doublexxposure Media Relations, Inc.

Double XXposure Media Relations, Inc., is a full service Public Relations & Artist Development Firm founded and headed by Angelo Ellerbee.

Double XXposure Media Relations was founded in 1972,
Crafted by Ellerbee to be a one-stop-shop for his clients. Filling a glaring industry-wide void, he even became known as the Henry Higgins of Hip-Hop for his work with preparing rappers for their careers.

Ellerbee has worked with a wide array of clientele, ranging from Mary J. Blige to DMX (whom he also managed). 46 years and the firm remains strong.

Ellerbee’s tenacity and adaptability has enabled him to attract superstar clients such as Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Dionne Warwick as well as reggae stars like Patra and Shabba Ranks. His unwavering commitment to the complete development of artists has positioned Double XXposure among the leading entertainment industry public relations and marketing companies.

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