Here’s How ATOPALM and Real Barrier Skin Care Lines Care for Both Dry-Prone and Aging Skin As One.

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The ATOPALM and Real Barrier Daily Skin Care Routine addresses dry skin at its roots, to help restore skin’s healthy appearance and east signs of aging

San Francisco, Calif. (PRUnderground) October 7th, 2019

The woes of dry skin are well-known: flaking, itching, burning, peeling. It’s an uncomfortable affliction that plagues many, yet there’s one effect of dry skin that isn’t often talked about — how dry skin causes skin to look older than it should.

ATOPALM and Real Barrier, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brands dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home, offer the skin care line and daily routine needed not only to hydrate and soothe dry skin, restoring a more youthful appearance.

“Dry and aging skin are one and the same. If your skin is dry, you lose the plumpness of youth. Fine lines and wrinkles appear sooner and are more defined. Crow’s feet around the eyes and creases around the mouth arrive far before their time. Combined with the redness and rough skin texture of dry skin, and you’re left with a complexion deprived of its natural, healthy beauty,” explains Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr.Raymond Laboratories, the company that develops and markets ATOPALM and Real Barrier. “The good news is that by targeting the root cause of premature signs of skin aging — dry skin — you can reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging, and even prevent new ones from appearing. By restoring the skin’s moisture levels and lipid layer, you’ll also be restoring a youthful appearance to your face. That is why our products are formulated with very targeted lipid structures that mimic those naturally occurring in skin. Also, we put those products together in a routine that can help maximize their effectiveness when used each day.”

The steps to combating dry-prone skin and restoring skin’s health are:

Step 1: Cleanse with Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam – ATOPALM Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam is an ultra-gentle, paraben-free foaming face cleanser designed for all skin types. Its light texture refreshes the face while efficient yet soothing ingredients lift and remove dirt, makeup, pollutants, and excess oils. Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam works without upsetting the skin’s natural pH balance, allowing you to cleanse without causing the skin to feel dry or tight.

Step 2: Spot Treatment – Moisturizing Skin Revitalizing Complex – ATOPALM Moisturizing Revitalizing Complex is a rich, advanced anti-aging skin care treatment for all aging skin types. It targets fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines, rough skin, and more using a blend of peptides, vitamin C, and other unique anti-aging ingredients. It also uses Atopalm’s MLE technology to replenish hydration, leading to a softer, suppler, and more radiant complexion.

Step 3: Moisturize  with ATOPALM Intensive Moisturizing Cream – Formulated without the use of parabens, this incredibly rich moisturizing cream is a gentle yet thorough way to replenish hydration. By mimicking natural skin lipids, it is able to replenish lost lipids while simultaneously preventing over-evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture. Finally, Intensive Moisturizing Cream shields the skin against the damage and discomfort associated with environmental stress, leaving the skin feeling fresh, soft, and perfectly comfortable.

Step 4: Special Care – Real Barrier Extreme Cream Mask – This paraben free mask is infused with Panthenol to calm, Madecassoside to moisturize and Allantoin to soothe, It is also enriched with dual Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid which is known to bind water to the skin. And, Vitamin E to help protect against environmental pollutants. The silky micro fiber sheets help transfer Extreme Cream to the face to provide optimum moisturization. This multi-function mask also helps improve skins’ elasticity.

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Dr. Raymond Park has researched in skin barrier Science has helped many people who have suffered from skin barrier dysfunction. Dr. Raymond Labs has invented platform Skin Barrier Technology, named as Crystal Lamella MES (Micro-Encapsulation System) and have published more than fifty articles covering dermatological research. is the official site to introduce innovative skin barrier products.

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