Hospital Consultant & Hospital Organizational Specialist Brady & Associates Expand Into Dallas, Detroit & Pittsburgh

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Brady & Associates have a long history of helping hospitals maximize their organizational effectiveness with the latest proven methods and techniques. Now the firm is happy to be accepting clients in Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.

Kansas City, MO (PRUnderground) August 23rd, 2019

There’s no doubt that managing a hospital optimally can be a great challenge, especially if changes need to be made and it is difficult to see what road to take due to ever-pending responsibilities. The good news is, experienced help is available for hospitals looking to make a change. Enter Hospital Organizational Specialist Brady & Associates. Founded and led by CEO Frank Brady, who has over three decades experience as a Hospital Consultant focused on enhancing performance, the firm has earned a remarkable reputation for delivering extremely high-quality services that deliver results. In exciting news, Brady & Associates recently announced that they have expanded the number of cities they cover to include Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. It is expected that hospitals in these cities will respond with enthusiasm to this development.

“We are committed to helping our clients cut their costs as much as possible, without a need for them to damage their reputations or services,” commented a spokesperson from Brady & Associates. “Our expanding into these new cities is very exciting and we know we will be able to help many hospitals in each one with our Hospital Consultant expertise.”

According to the Hospital Organizational Specialist firm, Brady & Associates put much of their focus on helping clients control labor costs which is often the “x-factor” that can be controlled to cut costs. One of the tools they have to use in this area is their own IMPACT database. The database contains over 750 hospitals, 300 department types, and 24,000 hospital departments. IMPACT allows a hospital manager to develop, calibrate and adjust their own department-level staff workload based on standards set by industry peers; keep an eye on staff work to hours paid, overtime, and other factors that can reveal their productivity labels; and make identifying and addressing chances to cut costs much more simple and actionable.

As a Hospital Consultant, Brady & Associates always set their eyes on delivering clear, black and white results. This is through helping improve the systems in place and organization levels of these hospitals, along with addressing the mindset of those responsible for these concerns. Brady has had a lifetime to develop these strategies, with experience that has taken him across the world and working with some of the largest and most respected organizations. This background will certainly help new clients in Dallas, Detroit and Pittsburgh, where hospitals certainly have a need for the help from a seasoned Hospital Organizational Specialist, based on reports and industry discussion.

Feedback for Brady & Associates remain positive across the board.

J.H. in Missouri, recently said in a five-star review, “Our small hospital now has sorted out much of our labor-expense concerns thanks to the help of Brady & Associates. They are true experts, and had we known how much value using a Hospital Consultant would bring to us, we would have made this choice years ago.”

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For more than thirty years Brady & Associates has supported the management initiatives of more than 750 hospitals of all sizes, missions and ownership types throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, Canada and the Middle East. The firm employs data, systems thinking, and change management principles to maximize organizational effectiveness. Frank Brady, CEO, holds a Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. The father of five children, he and his wife Donna live in Kansas City.

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