How I Increased A Business Successfully Using A Social Media Release – Case Study

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(PRUnderground) May 22nd, 2013

The Mission: Rank at exactly 4:00P.M. for the search term “Hypnosis  for Weight Loss”

The Reason: DR Oz was having a a special on his nationally syndicated television show about Hypnosis for Weight Loss.

The Target: Anyone watching the show who will immediately search for this topic.

Last year I was approached by a client of mine who told me Dr. Oz was having a a special on his nationally syndicated television show about Hypnosis for Weight Loss. My client specializes in this field and wanted to rank on top of Google for the search term 5 minutes after the show started.

My client knew people would immediately search for this topic on Google. I knew exactly what to do.

How did we did we accomplish this with a social media release:

  1. Headline: The headline is the single most important part of the social media release. 80% of people read headline copy only. 20% actually click on the release if the headline is compelling and 10% click on the link within the release to your website. We knew we needed an attention getting headline.
  2. Trending: Because PR Underground is a Google News source it is important you use a trending topic within your headline. Google loves trending news and rewards it very well.  Usually I go to Google Trends and research what is hot on Google.  For this headline we already knew what was going to be hot and trending before it even happened.
  3. Keywords: This was easy because we knew millions of people would watch his show.  We had to use “Hypnosis  for Weight Loss” as our keyword in the headline. Using the soon to be trending keyword in the headline assured me my client would immediately rank on Google for that search term. Thank you Google for the Query Deserve Freshness update.
  4. Tags: By using the proper tags, we reached out to anyone on social media, social bookmarking sites and Google Reader who had an interest in that particular subject.
  5. Social Networks: We then shared the release on not only our social networks but on the clients networks as well. Many times I have seen clients not share releases on their networks. Make sure you share a social news release on all of your networks
  6. Twitter: Yes it is a social network but if used properly, it can spread your release like wildfire. We used the hashtags #hypnosis #weightloss #droz. We knew people who are avid Twitter users would use these hashtags.

Mission Accomplished: Using the  steps above gave my client amazing results. Not only did she appear #1 on Google search  and Google News at 4:00pm for the search term “Hypnosis for Weight Loss”, but within minutes of the release she also received calls from as far away as Canada. A week later she told me her sales increased and if this kept up she may have to open another location. 6 moths later she opened her second location.

Here is the press release we wrote:

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