Hugo Coffee Debuts “Future of Portable Coffee” with Single-serve Coffee Bags

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Hugo Coffee Roasters is bringing barista-level coffee to people for use at home or on the go. It brings the goodness of freshly ground beans and can be prepared in an instant in biodegradable bags.

Park City, UT (PRUnderground) March 12th, 2021

The team at Hugo Coffee Roasters has a solution for people who want barista-level coffee on the go without having to lug around a grinder or taint the environment with plastic coffee pods. Their single-serve brew bags are biodegradable and impart all of the goodness of fresh-ground coffee without the need for grinding equipment.

These single-serve coffee bags are the future of portable coffee,” said Claudia McMullin, Founder and CEO of Hugo. “They’re in a whole different galaxy than the dehydrated instant coffee of yesterday, which was brewed and dehydrated before getting to your cup. It guarantees a craft coffee experience whether you’re at home in your pajamas or out traveling or camping.”

Instant coffee got an upgrade with recently-trending disposable coffee pods, but those often lacked freshness, and the plastic pods were not environmentally-friendly. The new “coffee tea bags” contain Hugo’s freshly ground coffee from their small-batch roasts sourced from organic, fair-trade beans. The bags are specially sealed to keep oxygen out and fresh-roasted flavor in, and they’re 100% biodegradable.

The bags can be steeped in hot water for three or more minutes for a flavor straight out of a high-end coffee shop. McMullin said that the single-serving bags are being snapped up by people who are tired of drinking sub-standard coffee when they’re short on time or on-the-go and away from a coffee grinder. “This is a revolutionary concept for people who have had to give up on good coffee in the past. Wherever they are or whatever is going on in their life, they can start their day with a really good cup of coffee.”

Claudia named her company after her rescue dog, Hugo, and supports animal rescue by donating 10% of her coffee profits to shelters and dog adoption programs. With the slogan “Drink Coffee, Save Dogs,” Hugo Coffee Roasters is becoming the go-to coffee for animal lovers nationwide. To date, they have donated nearly $30,000 to animal rescue efforts. To learn more about Hugo Coffee Roasters and their new single-serving coffee bags, visit www.Hugo.Coffee.

About Hugo Coffee Roasters

Hugo Coffee Roasters is an animal-friendly coffee shop that offers high-quality coffee. They roast their own coffee and provide coffee beans bulk wholesale. Their vision is to be the go-to coffee for animal lovers nationwide.

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