Ident Solutions Debuts App for Increased Mobility in Instant Background Checks

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Leading security screening company rolls out a new app that lets clients seamlessly perform instant background checks at multiple locations and on the go.

Farmington, UT (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2019

As organizations work to keep their facilities secure, one of the inconveniences is having to set up background check systems at different locations. Thanks to a new app by Ident Solutions, however, that process just got easier.

Ident Solutions’ proprietary instant background check software, known as FedCheck, allows organizations to identify possible threats from up to a dozen different FBI records in real time with a quick scan of a driver’s license. And the company’s newest app, set for release this month, allows for even greater mobility and efficiency in threat detection.

Organizations with traveling security departments will be well-served by this new application, which allows for movement between multiple facilities. For example, in a university setting, it would allow security guards to utilize FedCheck at the football stadium on Saturday night, then use their same login to detect threats at the basketball stadium later. No complex setup needed.

The new app will also be helpful for on-the-go security forces. They can maintain full access to FedCheck from the same device while changing locations. This allows roaming security guards to check in visitors at the front desk, then run out to the loading dock to perform an instant background check on the delivery driver without having to change devices. The result is maximum efficiency in threat detection and clean and concise data.

“FedCheck is a pioneer in security screening, and this new development makes us even more unique,” said Todd Jorgensen, Vice President of Ident Solutions. “Mobility is a long-standing problem for background checks, and this app takes the pain out of it.”

Once the app scans a driver’s license, the info is transmitted to the FBI’s NCIC database and run against “hot file” data, seeking any pertinent security connections and threats. These include foreign fugitive, wanted, identity theft, secret service protection, missing person, suspected terrorist, gang member, violent person, sex offender, protection order, and more. With instant access to this data, security forces are poised to mitigate the threat at hand appropriately and immediately.

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About Ident Solutions

Comprised of specialists with decades of experience in security software development, Ident Solutions is now channeling their collective expertise into keeping the private sector safe through FedCheck. Ident was recently named one of the Top 10 Most Promising Homeland Security Solution Providers of 2018 by CIOReview magazine.

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