iKegger: Mini Beer Kegs On Tap At Home, Fathers Day Specials On Now

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Sydney, NSW (PRUnderground) August 25th, 2016

iKegger, a company founded by Australian entreprenuer  David Thackray, is excited to announce the expansion of their range of mini beer kegs and growlers. These high quality stainless steel products are already revolutionising the home brewing community around Australia. Gone are the days of needing to scrub and sanitise endless bottles, collecting bottle caps and waiting over a month for carbonated beer. For those that don’t homebrew these inventions also offer an extremely practical way to take beer on tap to your next bbq or party. Leave the rubbish and esky at home. The same volume of beer takes up half the space, weighs half as much and will stay cold for up to 12 hours without ice in their steel “Growler”. Plus serve it from a professional steel tapping system. The company in the midst of negotiations to expand into New Zealand.

iKegger believes that these products will allow anyone to experience the ease and joy of either kegging their homebrew or having commercially made beer on tap at home without the need for all the costly equipment. The 4L kegs are slim enough to fit either in the door or lying down on a shelf in a standard fridge and come complete with a tiny CO2 system and steel beer tap that are both portable and detach with a click for storage. They can also be used to force carbonate your homebrew, completely negating the need to wait a month for bottle conditioning to occur.

iKegger is currently running a Father’s Day promotion where any gift voucher bought from their website (www.ikegger.com) will have 10% added to its value, perfect for the beer lover you love.

“After 25 years’ experience in the craft beer and home brewing scenes around the world, I think we have managed to solve all the problems faced during the storage, portability and service of small scale beer production in one hit”

David Thackray, Founder of iKegger

About iKegger Pty Ltd

A small Australian company supplying the best mini keg equipment. Our passion for craft beer and homebrewing has led to the design of a range of steel beer kegs and growlers with optional tapping systems. Based in Sydney, we supply nation wide service to both retail and wholesale customers.

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