INFINIQ to unveil artificial intelligence (AI) based autonomous driving data and retail innovation technology at CES® 2022

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Company will display sensor fusion technology for autonomous driving training data.

Seoul, South Korea (PRUnderground) January 5th, 2022

INFINIQ, an artificial intelligence (AI) data service company specializing in autonomous driving solutions, will unveil AI based autonomous driving data and retail innovation technology at CES® 2022. The Korean company has officially announced that it will participate in the upcoming CES® which will take place January 5-7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CES® is the world’s largest consumer electronics convention and it regularly features global heavyweights in technology. INFINIQ has participated in CES® for the last three editions of the event. The company’s 2022 exhibition will have the theme of “AI accelerator for your business innovation.”

The technology that INFINIQ will display to viewers CES® 2022 are autonomous driving sensor fusion technology, data service platform ‘MyCrowd‘, anonymization service ‘Wellid‘, AI store ‘MEALY’, and a self-calculation solution AI counter.  During the CES® 2022 event, INFINIQ will allow visitors to experience the products and services in person.

INFINIQ is extremely excited to display its innovative AI Counter. The device has already drawn the attention of potential customers from all over the world. The AI Counter is a CES® Innovation Award Honoree, which shows the possibilities of the product’s design and function. The AI Counter works by automatically recognizing products even if there are no barcodes.

The device is optimized for retail services such as 24-hour stores, unmanned stores, and self-checkout counters. INFINIQ has already fielded inquiries from global retail companies.

INFINIQ will display its autonomous driving data technology. The company’s data collection vehicle is equipped with multi-sensors such as vision cameras, lidars, and infrared/thermal imaging cameras to directly collect information necessary for autonomous driving. The collected 2D image and sensor information are corrected with sensor fusion technology and processed into high-quality data that minimizes errors to increase the accuracy of autonomous driving solutions.

MyCrowd will also be on exhibited as the AI data service platform builds high-quality datasets for AI learning. It guarantees high speed and accuracy by applying AI technology to all the processes of data collection, refinement, processing, and inspection. MyCrowd provides one-stop services for high-quality data processing such as 2D/3D data mapping, personal information anonymization, 3D annotation, and data quality verification.

INFINIQ’s Wellid is a anonymization service that processes personal information included in vision data such as images, so that it cannot be recognized. Autonomous driving data can include sensitive personal information such as human faces and car number plates. Domestic and foreign AI companies in need of responding to the global privacy regulations have shown interest in the field.

Finally, MEALY, an AI store which operates 24/7 unmanned with vision AI technology, will be on display. The store comes with AI counters, a self-calculation solution, and an abnormal behavior detection system that recognizes human behavior.

“I hope this CES, which INFINIQ has participated in for three consecutive years, will serve as an opportunity to expand business in North American and grow as a global company,” Park Jun-hyung, INFINIQ CEO, said. “We will actively promote collaboration with global companies based on our experience of cooperating by supplying data to all fields of the artificial intelligence industry.”

CES visitors can experience AI-based autonomous driving data processing services and next-generation retail services at INFINIQ’s booth located in North Hall No. 8963.


INFINIQ is a company specialized in autonomous driving data and AI solutions in South Korea. Based on an ecosystem that integrates its own HEX VISION technology system and data service platform, it provides services in various fields such as autonomous driving, retail and securities. Founded in 2005, the company provides safe services based on high levels of information protection such as ISO27001 and ISO27701. INFINIQ established a corporation in Luxembourg for European business and started its anonymization service WELLID in Europe.

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