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Innovative Online Shop for Birdwatchers Birdtitude Announces $1 From All Orders Will now be Donated to Bird Conservatory Foundations

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Birdwatching is a hobby enjoyed by many for its ability help relaxaxtion while also enjoying nature and expanding knowledge. Birdtitude has become a popular online store providing cool apparel for birdwatchers to enjoy and are now helping good related causes with each order made.

New Haven, Connecticut (PRUnderground) July 5th, 2019

Birdwatchers can be a fairly eclectic and unique bunch, often of the best kind. That is one of the things that makes online store Birdtitude so innovative and so much fun, delivering a wide-range of things to shop for that celebrate the birdwatching in cool, catchy, cute, and conversation starting ways. Already a quick success Birdtitude recently made an exciting announcement recently that they will be supporting one of three Bird Conservatory Foundations with a $1 donation with each order – and the customer themselves will get to pick which of the three gets the support. Not surprisingly, the excitement surrounding this news is high and rising.

“We wanted to contribute to the world efforts in saving as many birds as possible,” commented a spokesperson from Birdtitude. “Birds are the reason we’ve decided to open our website and now we are officially connecting the dots.”

Current, eye-catching and fun highlights of the Birdtitude Birds Apparel Store include Birdtitude hoodies, t-shirts, hats, sneakers, and tote bags, both for men and women, and in a huge variety of style to choose from. All apparel is made to the highest quality standards and free shipping is provided on all orders of $60 or more, with the packages generally coming “quick as a bird” (no pun intended).

Birdwatchers are present across the globe, with many not just practicing the hobby locally but also going on both national and international trips to be able to expand their experiences further and farther. With more people wanting to get away from being constantly “plugged-in” to virtual lives, jobs, and social networks, birdwatching has become a viable and inexpensive way to balance out from this aspect of the digital age and reconnect with nature and animal life in all its beauty first-hand and direct. Birdtitude is proud to be part of encouraging this kind of alternative that can’t help but make lives more well-balanced, happier, and even healthier.

The feedback for the online store has been very positive across the board.

T.J., a very happy customer, recently said in a five-star review, “I was happy to see this major change, as a bird watcher I know how important it is for us to keep the delicate balance of birds in the world. So many birds species are gone, we have the responsibility to keep them safe. I know now that every order that I will make will go to the right place and it makes me truly happy.”

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About Birdtitude

Birdtitude is a socially-minded E-commerce shop whose founders are passionate about birds! We raise awareness about issues affecting the birds around the world and run an online shop of products featuring many birds whose habitat is under attack or who are threatened by humans.
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