Insurance Lounge Revolutionizes The Process For Choosing & Purchasing The Best Health Insurance Plan

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Insurance Lounge focuses on innovation and technology to make the insurance purchase process easier and more efficient for families and individuals. They make this possible through their online Insurance Concierge service technology with access to over 100 different carriers.

Medford, OR (PRUnderground) December 15th, 2022

Shopping for health insurance coverage can be overwhelming. There are multiple types of plans, and it’s difficult to know which one is the right fit. The Insurance Lounge has made it its goal to simplify as much as possible the health insurance search, selection, and purchase process for all individuals and families who are searching for the ideal coverage and provider.

The Insurance Lounge started as a small family business in Oregon. Founder and CEO Michael DeLaGrange took over the business after his father passed away and transformed it into the insurance empire it is today. The company grew to three times its size and now has facilities in 5 locations in Oregon, such as Beaverton, OR; Eugene, OR; Grants Pass, OR; Las Vegas, NV; and Medford, OR.

DeLaGrange identified multiple obstacles and frustrations inside the insurance purchasing process. “Insurance isn’t the most exciting business to be in,” he expressed. With that in his mind, he decided to create an environment that made insurance fun and more accessible for the client to access.

This environment includes a comfortable physical space inside the Insurance Lounge facilities and a hybrid marketplace for insurance known as their online Insurance Concierge service technology with access to over 100 different insurance carriers to choose from. The Insurance Concierge allows customers to save, access, and revise their quotes online and purchase and manage their insurance policies in one place.

As a certified health insurance company, the Insurance Lounge guides individuals and families through different plans regarding quality of coverage, level of expertise available nearby, affordability, and other factors that might not come to mind in the first place. Once all these factors have been considered, an informed decision can be made regarding coverage that fits each situation. At that point, purchasing the appropriate health insurance should become much less daunting and more manageable.

Healthcare costs can be exorbitantly high when faced with a medical emergency and can lead to serious financial security issues. Many people do not realize the essential nature of having an adequate coverage plan when their health worsens. Without this, individuals and families risk accruing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to expensive medical bills. Opting for quality health insurance plans means getting the expected care without significant financial hardship.

The Insurance Lounge makes finding the best plan for individuals and families simple. Their knowledgeable team lays out policies in plain language, with no insurance jargon necessary. All families and individuals who don’t know how or where to find the best health insurance programs can immediately reach out to the Insurance Lounge. They’re open 7 days a week, making it easier for everyone to access their services in their own time. Call (866) 440-2573 or visit one of their 5 locations in Oregon to get started.

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