Introducing Linda Bachammar – A French Artist with Great Talent

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It is a genuine pleasure for Fine Art Shippers to introduce Linda Bachammar, a young French multimedia artist with great talent and unique style.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 31st, 2019

It is a genuine pleasure for Fine Art Shippers to introduce Linda Bachammar, a French artist with great talent. Linda Bachammar is a young artist who has already proven to be one of the most notable stars of French contemporary art. Her works have been exhibited in various venues in Paris since 2017 and worldwide since 2018, bringing her incredible talent to the attention of the international art community. At Fine Art Shippers, we are happy to have met Linda Bachammar in the vastness of the Internet, and we are pleased to share her work and ideas with those who are passionate about contemporary art as much as we are.

Fine Art Shippers is not just another company providing art moving and art shipping services to a variety of businesses in the world of art. We are art collectors ourselves, and we believe that every artwork is unique and therefore deserves to be appreciated. For this reason, in addition to a scope of art logistics solutions, we offer professional art consultation services, helping both art sellers and art collectors make the right purchase decisions. At Fine Art Shippers, we are also aimed at spreading the enjoyment and passion that fine art brings to our lives, sharing the information about the most notable contemporary artists from around the world. One such artist is Linda Bachammar from France.

Linda Bachammar is a contemporary French artist born in Paris in 1985. Linda started her artistic career as a self-taught artist, experimenting with different media and techniques, but eventually got a diploma in visual arts. Today, Linda Bachammar is a multifaceted artist with a great passion for plastic arts. She also creates absolutely stunning paintings, collages, ink drawings, and photographs. Every piece presented by this talented young lady is a result of a philosophical quest around the human, their identity and relationship to nature. According to the artist herself, her art is a “travel in the souls of human beings…”

Works by Linda Bachammar are distinguished by the artist’s shared fascination for calligraphic art, modern art, and shamanic art, offering a very interesting mix of styles and materials. Her multimedia works on paper and cross-media canvas pieces are focused on a balance between observation and imagination, technique and intuition. In addition to traditional materials, Bachammar often uses in her work multiple information, such as sketches and quotes, which gives her amazing pieces more depth and meaning.

With a representative office in Paris, Fine Art Shippers has the pleasure of working with many local artists, but it is always great to meet a new talent with style and flair. Linda Bachammar is, without a doubt, a rising star of French contemporary art, so take your time to learn more about her wonderful creations!

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