Jad Mawlawi featured in Forbes for his Cutting-edge Approach to Marketing

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Forbes article explores an innovative, human-centered approach to marketing pioneered by the CEO of Dooply, an up-and-coming influencer marketing firm.

Sussex, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) April 30th, 2019

Many companies think that the path to growth lies in pop-up ads, sophisticated videos, social media remarketing, and a raft of analytics to master Google’s latest algorithms. In a recent Forbes article, however, entrepreneur Jad Mawlawi asserts that humanism—not technology—is the real key to getting and keeping more customers.

As the co-founder and CEO of an influencer marketing firm known as Dooply, Jad Mawlawi is disrupting the marketing scene with his focus on humanism. As Mawlawi puts it, humanism is a system of thought that puts the primary focus on people rather than on other powers—including technology. Mawlawi believes that people are hungering for that human element in today’s world.

“We are all overwhelmed with robots and automation when the real opportunity today lies in human connections and relationships,” Mawlawi said. “Entrepreneurs must focus on establishing a charismatic persona and use it to build real relationships organically.”

In the Forbes article, Mawlawi explains how companies today turn to pop-ups and social media ads to attract customers, but what people really want is a connection with someone they have a rapport with.

“They would go to someone they trust before making a purchase and ask for suggestions,” he said. “Millennials want information prior to buying, and they want it from a trusted source, not some unknown, never-heard-of-before manufacturer.”

Mawlawi helps key individuals like entrepreneurs build global influence on social media and attract a loyal following.

“Instead of focusing on masses through digital marketing and automation, focus on the influential few through human interaction and engagement,” Mawlawi said. “And build movement through them.” “If you fail to engage influencers, then you will need to become one. Thats where we help our clients in Dooply.”

Mawlawi is no novice in the business world. He found financial success early on in his native country of Lebanon while managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of assets. Later, he moved to London and worked for Technosoft promoting U.S. oil and gas technology to several Arab nations.

In the Forbes article, Mawlawi asserts that the pendulum is swinging away from tech obsession back to these interpersonal relationships and that businesses that get ahead of this movement will fair far better in the long run.

Mawlawi helps reorient businesses to think less about pitching a product than about building a persona that will resonate with a target audience. He also helps them engage meaningfully with that audience and unite them around their company’s mission—not just their goods or services.

More information on Mawlawi’s human-centered marketing can be found in the full Forbes article.

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Jad Mawlawi is the co-founder of Dooply, a marketing company focused on human to human interactions and endorsements driven by an ethical vision.

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