Jeff Slater Consulting, a team of Insurance Claims Specialists, announces the release of their new platform

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Jeff Slater Consulting is proud to announce their new website has been released, it is designed to better reach to new clients, asses and keep contact with customers.

Vancouver, Canada (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2019

When disaster hits, most people don’t really know where to start. After a tragedy, the main concern is how would you be able to get back to your normal life, how would you fix your property and keep your loved ones save. An insurance claim can be complex and tedius, this is why Jeff Slater Consulting, has released a new website that allows clients to reach out, leave coments or doubts and learn more about your insurance claim.

Jeff Slater Consulting is formed by a team of insurance claims specialists that are available to help you with the insurance claim process from the very first day. Working as your advocate in order to get the fair and proper settlement you are looking for in order to get back to normal. Wheter it is a flood insurance claim, fire insurance claim or any other, Jeff Slater Consulting is now available for you to reach at any time.

The new platform is designed to help clients get what they need, a trustworthy insurance claim specialist that works with you every step of the way. You can also find useful information through the blog articles. This information will help you with the insurance claim process, collecting documents and evidence that you may need. The new website has been designed in order to allow customer to reach out to the team of specialists when needed, also allowing them to schedule a consultation.

Insurance claims specialists like the team of Jeff Slater Consulting, is dedicated to help you get through the process of the insurance claim without having to stress more because of it. They will guide you every step of the way, from getting your documentation for the insurance policies, to getting the evidence and experts reports you will need to present your insurance claim. Fire insurance claims can be more complex due to the evidence and reports that will be needed from the property, but the team of specialists are experts on this type of claims and will help you get the proper settlement you need in order to get your property back to normal.

Working through an insurance claim process is not always easy. Regardless of the amount lost, Jeff Slater Consulting will help you through this process. Insurance companies are not always best in providing the proper and fair settlement you are looking for which is why a insurance claim specialist is needed.

About Jeff Slater Consulting

Jeff Slater Consultants Inc. helps policyholders negotiate and settle insurance claims for devastating property losses. We are Insurance Claims Specialists in Vancouver. Regardless of the amount lost, we can help you with your fire insurance claim, flood insurance claim and more. We will work with you to get exactly what you need to overcome this difficult time.

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