Jeffrey “Optical” Cohen Talks On Weather Prediction and Weather Control

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Jeff Cohen gives his insights on weather prediction and weather control

Garden City, New York (PRUnderground) March 26th, 2016

The art of weather forecasting has been around since the early civilizations using re-occurring astronomical and meteorological actions to determine changes in the weather through the seasons back in 650 B.C. Today, there are new satellites; high tech equipment and new and improved super computers that scientists and researchers use to learn more about weather patterns on earth.

“The sophisticated technology that is currently in use has enabled us to predict weather 3-7 days into the future with a high level of accuracy. It is only about to get better and we should expect more accurate predictions. Within no time, we will be able to control the weather itself,” the futuristic Mr. Jeff Cohen wowed the crowd during a recent investment forum in New York.

Mr. Cohen’s ideas are not as far-fetched as they may sound. Today, there are governments all over the world researching on how to modify the weather. Considering the potential benefits of weather modification, there is a huge drive towards achieving this goal. Being able to control the weather will give us the ability to take advantage of this natural resource for the improvement of processes such as agriculture, travel, energy production and preventing natural disasters.

“Imagine what we could do if we could control the weather! Increased crop yields, decreasing the severity of storms, eliminating drought, protecting the earth from harmful solar energy and stopping global warming! The potential is limitless!” Mr. Jeff Cohen continued maintaining the keen attention of the entire crowd.

Considering the level of damage that extreme weather has been known to cause, the thought of weather modification would be a welcome idea around the world. However, there is some concern as to whether being able to control the weather would disrupt the delicate balance of nature. We will have to wait for the answer to this until mid century when more accurate weather predictions and weather modifications can become a reality.

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