Jerome Myers to Host Workshop on Exiting Corporate America

Industry: Real Estate

Sought-after business and life coach Jerome Myers offers a half day workshop for high-income earners, investors, and first generation wealth builders to guide them through successfully leaving their corporate job to pursue their dreams.

Greensboro, NC (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2023

Once a successful businessman, Jerome Myers, helped build a thriving division of a Fortune 550 business. However, his achievements in corporate America left him feeling unfulfilled. Only after leaving his career behind in engineering was he able to realize his dreams and pursue a path that would help him build wealth and find purpose. This exodus from the corporate rat race, which Myers calls “taking the red pill,” requires courage, determination, and a plan. At his half-day workshop, Exodus, Myers will help others explore the steps necessary to break the golden handcuffs and truly be successful.

Myers’s first entrepreneurial pursuits were as a multifamily real estate investor. This pursuit gave him many opportunities to learn what it takes to be successful on your own and make your dreams a reality. Through his experiences, he developed a series of investing principles, known as the Myers Methods, that he taught to other budding investors seeking to develop their own portfolios. Between his DreamCatchers podcast, one-on-one coaching, and mastermind sessions, Myers has become a seasoned life coach for financial advisors and other business professionals.

“We all have dreams of what we want to do and achieve,” remarked Myers, “but we don’t always act on those desires. Working with as many different people as I have over the years, I’ve learned what keeps people from even taking that first step and how to overcome roadblocks and become wildly successful at whatever they really want to do with their life.”

As an entrepreneur himself, Myers understands that every person’s inspiration is unique. While some seek to build first-generational wealth, others want more freedom to allocate their time as they see fit. At the Exodus, Myers will walk attendees through the process of leaving their current job with a successful plan in place. He will teach them how to make their first $10,000 before they leave their current job and maintain and grow that income moving forward. All-access passes include all sessions, entertainment, and networking. VIP passes add red carpet access, admittance to the VIP mixer, and a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Jerome Myers.

“Since I left corporate America, I have focused my life and career on meaningful things,” stated Myers. “Being a coach for wealth managers, entrepreneurs, and working professionals with dreams and ambitions helps them lead more fulfilling lives and is a truly worthwhile pursuit for me.”

To learn more about how Jerome Myers helps business people exit corporate America to pursue their dream or to sign up for one-on-one coaching, visit

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Ready for rapid attainment of goals and to experience a life of significance and impact? Jerome Myers has developed a number of programs based on the Model for a Centered Life, a/k/a The Red Pill, to help bolster confident beliefs, gain clarity on the path to success, and provide accountability to take action on goals.

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