K-Beauty’s GPower Skin Barrier Light and LaStella Celiff Microbalm Together Let You Monitor Skin’s Health and Care for it from the Safety and Comfort of Home

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In current times, being able to monitor skin’s health from home is not only a convenience but a necessity. The GPower Skin Barrier Light is a handheld device that reads skin’s hydration levels from home so you can always know your what your skin needs for optimum health. Paired with LaStella K-Beauty’s top brand for sensitive skin care, skin receives clinic-level skin care without leaving home.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) May 5th, 2020

Offered by Dr. Raymond Labs, K-Beauty’s leading skincare company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable spa and clinic-level skincare at home, the GPower Skin Barrier Light is a handheld device that measures the most important metrics on your skin. The device quantifies your skin’s data and uncover its needs at a deeper level. Based on these results, the consumer can know when and how much of the LaStella Cellif Microbalm to apply for the maximum effectiveness.

The GPower Skin Barrier Light is the world’s first personal skin barrier measurement device to measure TEWL(TransEpidermal Water Loss) and SCH (Stratum Corneum Hydration). In 2017, they won Seoul Innovation Quickfire Challenge of Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Similarly to how a scale measures the body’s weight, the gpskin Barrier measures the skin’s health. The numerical results displayed on the app show both the skin’s water loss levels (TEWL; meaning skin barrier) and hydration levels.

LaStella Celiff Micro Balm, a micro capsule balm that helps reinforce the skin barrier and restore the natural glow. It offers improvements to the elasticity of the skin so it actually looks more plump. It aids in diminishing the visible signs of aging. It contains Ceramides, Peptides, Phytosterols, Resveratrol and EGF all housed in micro capsules that actually contribute to the absorption of the specialty, active ingredients into the skin.

“While the main application of the device is for beautiful and healthy skin care, we also hope to increase the home use of the device for people who suffer more serious issues from dry and sensitive skin, and during the time when it’s safer to stay home, we hope that the device will offer a way for people to care for their skin issues from the safety of home,” explained Dr. Raymond Park, CEO of Dr. Raymond Labs “The skin barrier is a key measuring factor in diagnosing atopic dermatitis. Also, it can measure the skin condition of aged people. This device can be used to manage, monitor, and even help prevent chronic skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or eczema. World leading universities including University of California San Francisco, Stanford University, Oregon Health & Science University, and Beijing Children’s hospital use the GPower Skin Barrier Light.”

For more information on both the GPower Skin Barrier Light and LaStella Celiff Micro Balm, visit the company’s page here.

About Dr. Raymond Laboratories, Inc

Dr. Raymond Park has researched in skin barrier Science has helped many people who have suffered from skin barrier dysfunction. Dr. Raymond Labs has invented platform Skin Barrier Technology, named as Crystal Lamella MES (Micro-Encapsulation System) and have published more than fifty articles covering dermatological research. www.dermartology.com is the official site to introduce innovative skin barrier products.

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