KTM Holistic Health Coach Supports Clients From Texas Alpaca Farm

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Keiko Makarczyk, Certified Health Coach/FDN-P at KTM Holistic Health LLC offers online health coaching services.

Austin, TX (PRUnderground) August 13th, 2018

KTM Holistic Health LLC offers one-on-one health coaching services to help clients address their main complaints and achieve their health goals. 

Keiko Makarczyk is the owner and health coach at KTM Holistic Health LLC. She has always been passionate about natural healing since experiencing her own health challenges. She said, “Since the age of 6, I frequently had to move between the US and Japan, and the stress from that really took a toll.  By high school, I was exhausted and in constant pain. Every day I felt like I was getting sucked into the floor.”

Keiko was helped by various alternative health practitioners who inspired her to take charge of her own health and become more proactive in her healing efforts.

“I’ve always wanted to work in a profession where I help others get well.   Over the last 20 years, my life experiences have prepared me to help others as a health coach. My health challenges were an extremely important part of my journey.  And like most everyone else, I continue to have challenges which serve as amazing learning opportunities for me as a health coach,” said Keiko.

One of the exciting adventures of her journey involves her alpaca farm- something she’d dreamed of having since childhood. The low-stress life on the farm has given her improved health and a more holistic perspective which she applies to her health coaching. “Living on our farm has really made me appreciate our innate ability to heal. I am constantly reminded that if we provide excellent care, reduce stressors, and not interfere with nature- the animals stay healthy and resilient.”

Keiko says, “Sick alpacas cause a lot of stress for everyone- mental, emotional as well as financial, so we’ve worked on our herd management strategies. All newly arriving alpacas are quarantined and checked for gut pathogens without exception. We provide the highest quality feed, clean water, social interaction, pastures to move around and exercise. We’ve eliminated as many physical and mental stressors as we possibly can – otherwise they will get sick. I’ve learned that we all need similar things to remain healthy. There is so much we can learn about our own health by caring for them.”

About KTM Holistic Health LLC

KTM Holistic Health LLC (https://KTMHolisticHealth.com) is owned by Keiko Makarczyk, certified health coach/FDN-P. Keiko received her health coaching certifications from the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Program and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition®. She utilizes functional lab analysis to identify the root causes of her clients’ health challenges. She focuses on education and coaching so her clients can transform their health. She works from her Austin alpaca farm Wisteria Suri Ranch (https://www.wisteriasuriranch.com).

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