LaStella adds Hydro Quenching Gel to Its Line of Ultra-Hydrating Skin Care

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Hydro Quenching Gel’s Unique Combination of Ingredients Is Targeted to Restoring Skin’s Moisturized Appearance and Reducing Irritation

San Francisco, Calif. (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2019

LaStella, K-Beauty’s leading skincare brand dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare at home has added Hydro Quenching Gel to its line of ultra- hydrating and nourishing skin care. One of Asia’s favorite brands for keeping skin moisturized and restoring a healthy appearance to the skin barrier, LaStella has deepened the hydration and rejuvenating power of the morning and evening skin care regimen with the Aqua Quenching Gel.

Aqua Quenching Gel is a light, non-greasy gel that cools, soothes and delivers the intensive blend of hydration and soothing compounds into the skin barrier. When used after cleansing and toning, the Aqua Quenching Gel provides and extra layer of nourishment and heightens the effectiveness of the final layer of moisturizer by helping the skin barrier to draw and hold in the hydration provided by the moisturizer.

What makes Aqua Quenching Gel so powerful is the unique combination of clinically-proven natural ingredients which include:

  • Deep sea water rich in skin-nourishing minerals
  • Jeju Alpine Flower (Tea Seed Oil) full of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and high levels of ceramide renewing oleic acid (more than 80%), as well as linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, stearic acid, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, triterpenes, saponins, and squalane
  • Hyaluronic acid to draw and hold in high levels of hydration
  • Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) used for centuries to draw out inflammation and calm skin
  • Adenosine – a compound that promotes healing and skin cell renewal

In addition to the nourishing and hydrating complex, Aqua Quenching Gel contains numerous other natural ingredients to heighten the hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects such as Lavendar Flower extract, Aloe and Bee Propolis extract, a moisture –attracting compound full of flavanoids to promote healing and calm irritation. Clinically- tested for effectiveness and safe for all skin types. For more information visit:

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